SSI SSDI SSD ect ???????????

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    What are each of these, and do they include medical treatment?
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    SSI is Supplemental Security Income. It was designed for people who have never worked enough to earn the credits required for regular Social security. SSDI is for those who have earned enough work credits to qualify for regular Social Security benefits prior to becoming disabled. SSI has medical insurance included. You need to be on SSD for two years, then you can get Medicare, which is not as good as Medicaid, which is given to SSI recipients. You also get to pay for Medicare yourself. If you type SSI or SSDI into the search window directly above your question, you will learn a lot more. Hope I have helped.
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    SSI-Supplemental Security Income is an entitlement program. It is administered by each state. Therefore, the eligibility criteria is different in each state. For example, in Alabama to be eligible a person must be 62, blind or disabled. The doctor must be willing to certify that the disability will last at least a year. If eligible for SSI, the individual is also eligible for Medicaid. There is no waiting period to recieve Medicaid benefits. Check with the Social Security office in your region for specifics.

    SSD-Social Security Disability is a federal program. To be eligible, a person must be certifed disabled and also have enough work credits. If an individual is approved for SSD, that individual must go through a waiting period before s/he is covered by Medicare. The only exception is someone on dialysis (which makes no sense to me. If someone on dialysis needs insurance, someone with CFS needs it too) There are always attempts in Congress to have the waiting period struck down. So far, it has not been. Again, contact your local Social Security office to begin the application process.

    I am not familiar with SSDI-unless it is the acronym for Social Security Disability Income or Supplemental Security Disability Income. In that case, it is the same thing as I have described above.

    If you have any further questions, let me know. I will check back. Hope this helps.