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  1. shelly11

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    have any of u gotten ssdi 4 fm and oa? i also have severe depression and anxiety. can't be on my feet long either, horrible pain, i'm only 42.
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    Are you working now? If long since you stopped? Usually there is a "waiting period" where you are unemployed before you can apply.

    Call your local Social Security office and ask these questions. I would apply ASAP. With the combination of FM/OA/Dep&Anx - as long as you have the support of your doctors - you should qualify.

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  3. shelly11

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    i have support of primary and occ. ther. dr. i already applied before i was dx for fm but denied, now waiting 4 appeal which could be 1 or more years. should i just reapply, that takes about 4 mon.