SSID Hearing in two weeks and have a question

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfrazier, Jan 7, 2006.

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    I talked with my attorney a couple of days ago and while she was going through all the information with me and the questions she would be asking me she happened to mention that my last denial was a condtional denial and that they said that SS said that I should be able to return to work by November of 2005. Well needless to say that didn't happen. Still going to doctors and all of that crap. My question is has anyone heard of that type of denial and how does that affect my hearing? I didn't even know that it was a conditional denial till my attorney told me. Any comments would be appreciated right now. Thanks..... Sue
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    bumping for hopefully a little info. Thanks to EtherealGirl for her best wishes. It's appreciated.
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    Just a bump. Sorry, I haven't much to add.

    best thoughts.
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    Since you are paying your atty (out of your back-logged SSDI), I'd ask her what it means. If she doesn't know, then call SSDI for the answer - just don't give them your name or SS#.

    Does your atty. feel that you have a good case - that you should win SSDI hands-down? Do you have any letters in your file from your treating MD's about your disability and your diminished quality of life (i.e. - daily activities and how your pain interferes with you being able to accomplish much?

    If you don't, you may want to make a request from your treating MD's, that they write a letter on your behalf. You will need to tell them in a letter what you can and cannot do on a daily basis.

    If you have time to get a visit in with your Rheumy, ask him/her what he/she thinks about you attempting to work at a F/T job. If he/she says they don't feel you are capable of holding down a F/T job, or P/T for that matter, ask him/her to include their thoughts on whether you should/could work at an outside job in the letter that gets written on your behalf.

    Has your M.D. written down every diagnosis code pertaining to your illness and translated what the dx code means? This is real important too - SSDI's Judge needs to get a complete feel for all the things that are wrong with you.

    I had numerous medical problems on top of FMS and it was b/c of the quantity of my ailments and the fact that there were few, if any, jobs available in the national economy that could accommodate my various health issues.

    Lastly, you keep a copy of any letters written, then give originals to atty. for him/her to give to the JUDGE when your case is called.

    On the day of your hearing DO NOT BE LATE! Do not "deck yourself out" with your hair; makeup; jewelry or clothes.
    Not that any of us really go all out when we get dressed for the day.

    Good luck Sue ~ keep us posted!

  5. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi Sue--sorry i can't help with your question, never heard of a "conditional" denial, but want to wish you GOOD LUCK at your hearing! I hope your attorney can help you to prove your case! Best wishes--L

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