ssri side effects, dr. joseph glenmullen-prozac backlash

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    i am wanting to hear from people who have had the bad side effects that are described in this book. there haven't been many posts about it recently. i did not tolerate the ad's very well so did not stay on them very long. i have a friend who saw a doctor on tv that said the first thing he does it put his fm patients on ad's. this friend is now an expert and insists that we are all sick with depression and don't know it or we are in denial and that if we won't go on ad's permanetly we will never get well. just another example of ignorance at work.i have read about people who have gone off these drugs and said their symptoms have come back. maybe it was the withdrawl they were experiencing. some people have gone as far as to say the drug companies know all about this and want the drugs this way so people will stay on them for life. please share if you have a story. thanks.
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    Well Prozac is in a generic now. I'm sure the company made a lot of money off of this med.

    I still don't think I'm depressed. I am depressed about having FMS, though and all the pain and fatigue.

    I know for a fact that Prozac does help my pain problems. It started to work within 6 hours of me taking it in 6/96 at 10 mg. Now I'm just at 20 mg. and have been ever since.

    I don't seem to have any side effects from it, that I am aware of.