SSRI's effecting a chemical lobotomy!

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  1. judywhit

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    Just picked up the book from the library "Prozac backlash" If you are on one of the SSRI drugs this book is a must read. Written by a M.D with plenty of trial studies about the long term effects of these drugs.
    p99 " I think most patients would be shocked by the idea that a prescription medication could be effecting a chemical lobotomy that might lead to permanent brain damage. At least they should be informed because this is a possibility, rather than leaving it up to laboratory scientists to decide whether or not this is a reasonable way to be therapeutic"
    pretty scarry stuff! also the book talks about tics, muscle twitches, electrical sensations being a side effect of these drugs. Very dangerous stuff that some doctors are always trying to persuade us into taking (Madwolf not being one of those :). I for one tear up the scripts they write for me.
    The book also talks about the drug Redux (phen-phen) that was the worst for killing cells. I was on that one for years. To think I killed off my brain for a mere 25pd weight
    The book gives natural alternatives to taking these drugs.
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    Most who have been around here for very long know how I feel about docs prescribing SSRI's and stimulants willy nilly for FMS (I'm not talking here about people with other conditions as well).

    Read Dr. Paul Cheney's article on SSRI's and stimulants in our library. First, though, read his sister article on Klonopin which explains the slight seizure state many of us suffer. It helps to understand why he says that SSRI's and stimulants can "fry our brains."

    Love, Mikie
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    Luvox (an SSRI)turned me into a ditz. After 3 yrs. on it, I could not even do simple addition or subtraction without checking myself with a machine.
    I got off it, and about 30% of my lost brainpower came back. the rest appears to be permanently lost.
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    Everyone has different chemistry, some cannot live without the benefits these type of drugs have provided in there lives.

    Although, I have to say after watching the awful personality changes of a some near and dear people that are close to me who have been prescribed these drugs...and after experiencing some of the not-so wonderful side affects of SSRI drugs first hand for myself...I wouldn't touch them again with a 10ft pole. I believe they have there place, but are very much over-prescribed these days.

    My grandmother is in her 80's and very active, and still self-suffient, but after a recent Dr. visit was prescribed Paxil (for what reasoning I'm not sure) along with her reg meds for her high blood pressure. Three days later she was unable to eat, sleep, and shaking so badly she could not even walk to her mailbox from the side effects...what is wrong with this picture???

    Hubby became violent after Dr. prescribed him Paxil almost three years ago...reaction was noted in his records, and verified by what does a new Dr. prescribe him 3 years later??? "The medication he really needs to be on"... you guessed it Paxil again... "he just needs to get adjusted to it". Right...and I own the Brooklyn bridge too.

    Sorry guys...this has been a sore issue for me lately. Just can't understand some of these Dr's these days.
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    I think the Bible is talking about judging people, not treatments. No one here is judging anyone for anything he or she takes.

    All drugs have their risks and each of us has to weigh the risks versus the benefits. What is being presented here is info and personal experiences.

    My complaint has always been with the docs who are not qualified to prescribe SSRI's yet do for often inappropriate reasons. We have heard some real horrow stories her from people on SSRI's. We have also heard from people who have been helped by them. Each of us has to make our own decisions. No one is judging anyone for his or her decision.

    Love, Mikie