SSRIs for post-viral fatigue?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by davidtrelawnyross, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. davidtrelawnyross

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    I've been trying to throw off some post-viral fatigue for about 14 months, and having had endless bloodtests ( all negative) and tried homeopathy and acupunture/herbs for six months each, two differnt GPs have suggested SSRIs. I dont think Im depressed, just fairly fed up! They say it can help even if the patient isn't depressed. Has anyone had any experience of SSRis as a treatment for this kindo f thing? I'll try anythin if I think it'll help, but Im reluctant toput chemicals into my body just on the off chance...
  2. Shirl

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    Hi David, welcome to the board. I have FM, and do get the fatigue now and then. But like you, chemicals and I do not get along. So I just live with it.

    Maybe others can help you with what they are doing for the fatigue. The CFS suffers have this way worst than I do. Mine does not last but for a few days at a time.

    I am not depressed either, but do get tired of being sick :)

    Whatever you decide to try, be sure to do your research before taking SSRI's. They can be dangerous to some people.

    Again, welcome and I do hope you get some answers to your question.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. ming

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    hi david. i have chronic fatigue syndrome and have just been put on anti-depressants. i was very wary and anxious about this..but the dose is one quarter that for depression. i have had no side effects at all. the fatigue hasnt gone,,but i feel a tiny bit better somehow. i wasnt depressed before, although i got frustrated. but now i feel that its bearable and that maybe i'll pick up a bit more. ive only been on them 2 weeks.
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    what the docs will not tell you is that most ssri's have very terrible sexual side effects. I just started Wellbutrin (anti-depp which is not ssri) this drug does not have the sexual side effects. For me, I need the mental clarity and energy, plus the sex drive intact. Wellbutrin is good for this plus a mental boost. I would stay away from the SSRI's. do a seach in the top box and put in frying brain. You will find an excellent article by Dr. Cheeney regarding these most powerful drugs.
    this DD is the frikin pits...we can all relate with you. Better this than cancer.
  5. retrop

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    It is definitely worth a try. THere is one particular anti-depressant, I forget which one, that actually helps the pain of FM. No one knows why, exactly. Plus, all of us, even if we weren't depressed before we got it, HAVE to be now! If you get the right anti-depressant you will be MUCH less frustrated and irritable. If you have kids, I think you owe it to them!!! (If you know what I mean! LOL). It takes months for some of them to work properly (the right one at the right dosage), so it is a long-term commitment. The one that helps the pain, though, is not too "intense" and not as "dangerous" as some of them, so try that one first.

    Ah, I just looked it up: Amitriptyline (Elavil).
  6. Mikie

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    The decision of whether or not to use SSRI's is an individual choice, but it is good to get different viewpoints. Dr. Cheney is an expert in CFIDS and much of what he does can be applied to FMS as well.

    There is a sister article on Klonopin which explains why our brains are so messed up. This helps to understand why he thinks SSRI's are dangerous for us.

    Love, Mikie
  7. retrop

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    Just like there are various anti-depressants, there are different stimulants. I started to take Adderal for my ADD, only to discover it made me MORE confused and EXHAUSTED. Caffeine makes me really ill.

    I HAVE to take something because I fall asleep driving, and so my doctor recommended a much "milder" stimulant, Provigl. It helps with the exhaustion, and helps the "fog" (I can actually read a book now). But only if I take it in TINY doses. If I start to step it up, as we tend to want when we have a drug like this, my body just can't deal with it. I think dosages for any of this, when you have something like FM or any immune system problem, are REALLY unpredictable. I agree with Mikie, that you really have to do your own research, and monitor the effects REALLY well on your own if you decide to try them. Your reactions will not be like those of the "majority" population. Drugs seem to be helpful for temporary fixes especially for those who are unable to work any other way. But never stop trying to find alternatives, or ways to keep to the lowest possible doses. It seems CFS/FM sufferer's body systems are EXTREMELY fragile.
  8. davidtrelawnyross

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    Just to say a big thanks to everyone who replied to my query. Im new to message boards; what an amazing community they provide! I think I need to do a bit more research befre starting the SSRI line. Thanks. I know it sounds cliched, but its so much better not to be alone!