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    Cam across an interesting note on St Johns wort oil for pain , written by a respected herbalist on one online site - am pasting it below - has anyone tried ?

    "My external go-to for pretty much any kind of body pain is St John's wort INFUSED oil. Immediately, it relaxes jammed up muscles. If you continue to use it (2-3 times a day for 3 days at least) it begins to address tendons and ligaments. And the one I've SEEN work is if you keep using it for a minimum of 14 days in a row, it can heal and regenerate damaged nerves. (even nerves left numb from surgery). It sure couldn't hurt and it just might help, regardless of the actual cause"

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    One lady called Lady barbara on facebook - she has a group with many Lyme people on it.

    Yes, she means to rub the oil. You get oils which one can buy.

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    just google st johns wort oil

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    she says key is to do it the amount of times she has mentioned - not just 1-2 times


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