ST JOHNS WORT.......should i take it???

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  1. hopeliveshere

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    Look for others to tell me there experience with this supplement.....I know not to take with other SSRIS etc just looking for what others think........I really appreciate it
  2. Chrissy3

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    Hi there, I took this a couple of years ago and developed a horrendous itchy rash from head to foot after being out in the sun. I know it can increase sensitivity with the sun but in my case I was very allergic to it. Just my experience though.

  3. Raeb

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    I started taking St. John's wort in July of this year. The recommended dose is 900 mg per day at.03% -- this is done by taking 3 capsules -- 300 mg per day. Some people spread these out, some take them all at once. I am always cautious about taking anything so I only take one per day in the morning. I noticed some improvement the first week, only about 10% less fatigue, but a huge difference in my ability to not let things bother me so much internally (I am one who doesn't let my feelings show very often.) The only side effect for me has been more vivid dreams. The first week I took it, it seemed colors were much more vivid. I joined a message discussion forum for this too. There is a lot of information on the web. I have researched it to the extreme! Let me know if you have any other questions. Take care.
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