st louis area?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone is in st louis area? I would love to hear from people in my area and maybe we could helpp each other out a bit. Ruthie
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    Hi I am from the st louis area. I don't think there are too many of us on here. What town are you in? I'm in House Springs.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    I don't post too much tho'.

  3. I am in st charles 40 year old female .Hope to hear from you soon?.
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    I was born and raised in st. louis, by bevo mill (if it's still there. Army sent us to texas 20 years ago and have been here ever since. Don't go home anymore no one there for us but I do miss it now and then.
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    I live in Labadie Missouri, recently moved from Washington, Missouri.

    I am familiar with the St. Charles area as we lived there for 15 years (Harvester area) and also Jefferson County area where the other lady lives. I'm sorry I forgot your name and I can only see the first post.

    I'm female also, a little older then 40.


    I would love to get to know some others in the area who are going through similar things that I am[This Message was Edited on 03/26/2006]
  6. I grew up in south st louis also Went to st pius grade school. I also live awhile right by bevo mill.Got married moved to arnold and now settled in st charles,Hubby got fibro like 6 years ago and I am now getting sick. Ruthie
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    When DH and I were first married we lived in the Bevo area, went to John the Baptist Church (it was lovely) We could walk, it was right around the corner.

    We kept moving farther out, so to speak. Moved from the city to Brentwood, then to Overland where we bought our first house.

    From Overland to St. Charles and now in Labadie, with Washington in between.

    I loved living in St. Louis when we were young. There was so much to do.

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    I'm not far from St. Louis... Des Moines. We'll be moving back to Denver soon, tho. Too humid here. Otherwise, I love the midwest & will miss it. Originally from the East Coast.