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    Can anyone suggest a Doctor in the St. Louis area who is up on Fibromyalgia? My daughter has been diagnosed with this ailment and other serious health problems - she is having a hard time finding a Doc who understands the disease. She doesn't have a computer yet, so I am logged on to help her.
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    Dr Lang is a Specialist in Fibromyalgia at a Nutrition Clinic in Chesterfield, MO. I have a phone number for this Dr if you would like to have it. I will update my profile so you can E-Mail me. I have not been to her as my insurance would not cover it. I was going to do a phone call with this Dr and I never did it. She was referred to me by a Chiropractic Physician in Albany, MO. This Dr went to a seminar that Dr Lang was giving and she knew that I had FMS/CFS and talked with her afterwards about me. Albany is a small town and everyone knows each other. I beleive this would be worth a try to contact this Dr.

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