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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mewsley, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. Mewsley

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    Hi. Does anyone out there get a stabbing like pain in there upper chest that radiates down your back? It is very painful. I have been to the er twice and they can't find anything. It sometimes will bring on a panic attack as I think I am having a heart attack. Sometimes I wonder what will happen next!
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    This is inflammation in the chest, usually following bronchial irritation. When it starts to radiate out the back and down the arm and interrupts sleep, I think the only effective treatment is a cortisone injection. It takes a skilled doc to do this. Try feeling between the ribs near the sternum and see if you find a really sore spot. If you can find it, it will save the doc some time poking around. It is also important to treat the source of the inflammation, asthma, bronchitis, allergies, whatever. You can try some anti-inflammatories, but I would guess if it's as bad as you suggest, that it may take an injection. Perhaps Madwolf will have some advice for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi! I'm new to this board!
    I was dx'd with FM almost 3 yrs ago when I was pregnant with my 4th child. My mother also has it and was dx'd about 5 yrs ago.
    I started having the stabbing pains in my chest and back about a year ago. I went to my dr and he described the pain to me exactly. He said that it is a torn muscle which is very common in FM. He prescribed hydrocodone (vicodin) which did help a little, but the best was rest. It got so bad that I could not function, so I took a weeks vacation and that helped alot. I still get the pain but it hasn't been as bad, even tho today it has been worse than it has in a while, but I think it helps to not push myself. I was one that will get to doing an activity (like dishes) and keep going until I was completely finished. But I now know that I can't do that. Another thing that I find helps the stabbing pain is heat. I love the therma patches (I can't think of the exact name of them at the moment-sorry) but they are air activated charcoal heating pads. They take about 1/2 hour to heat up and last 8 hours and you can get them in different sizes and just stick them on and wear them all day-even at work.
    Good Luck and I hope that helps!!!