Stacey re: Omega's (others too)

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    Stacey, I know you talked about taking 3-6's and I mentioned that the 6's were NOT good....they are in fact pro inflammatory and even a conventional MD confirmed this today on a health radio stop the 6-9's.....

    Then Cipro and Levaquin were discussed and all the damage this class of abx do....we've had enough on these boards talk about their joint and muscle damage from these drugs....there it is again the FLUORIDE damage.....that great stuff Fluoride is in this class of drugs....grrrrrrrrrrr

    Fluoride has been a big battle I've been on in my late life....jam
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    Hi Jamin,

    Thanks for the post and the info! It sent me on a mini-quest. It seems the more I know about nutrition, the more I learn that I don't know much!

    So, my little quest got me to the information that we need a balance of omega 3 and 6.....but 6 is bad when we have too much and it is much easier to come by. 6 is in most vegetable oils, where as 3 is in fish and seeds, predominately.

    It looks like if we get enough omega 3 a little 6 is ok. But we, with these inflammatory problems, are not your average bears. Do you have any more info on this? I seem to be having a itching reaction since I started the chia seeds.

    Thanks so much!