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    Haven't posted in a few days because I am so weak. But, this morning I saw Eric's post on mold and am astounded
    by his post. I will have to look up more when (or if) I get stronger.

    The building I am living in was completely infected with
    Stachybotrys and other molds about six years ago. I have pictures of the stairwells with this black mold covering the ceilings and walls. Several apartments were vacated and supposedly remediated.

    Two rooms in my apartment had mold and were supposedly remediated, but all they really did was paint over it. "It" has reappeared again.

    I think this building is sick. I am so alarmed and afraid.
    I don't believe that a building that is this stricken can ever be really remediated.

    What should I do?? I am sincerely thinking I should just move out, but now I am so sick and weak that I can hardly lift my head.

    These last two weeks I have been seriously debilitated.

    Please reply.

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    Based on the very small amount of info I've learned so far, I think I would move out, at least for a little while to see what happened. It sounds like you're getting worse and worse, which is not a good thing.

    Maybe you would start to feel at least a little better if you went somewhere else for a while. If the mold is even somewhat bad for you, being around it 24 hours a day with no respite is not a good idea. If you did feel somewhat better elsewhere, that would provide an indication that you really should move.

    Another temporary option might be to get a really good air purifier. I have the Austin Healthmate, which seems to me really good. (Note that it comes with different kinds of filters, with the more expensive ones removing a wider variety of contaminants.)

    Obviously this is just my opinion, though. I don't know enough about mold to say for sure that I won't think differently once I've learned more.

    Your bio says that you have been sick since 2003. When did you move into this apartment building?

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    So (as you said in another post) you moved into this building in 2000. Do you remember when the mold started to appear? Or was it already there when you moved in?

    (I'm trying to keep all the info in one thread so that maybe other people, including Erik, can comment.)

    Obviously a lot of people with CFS are really sick, but hardly being able to move is on the extreme side.

    When did the mold begin to reappear in your apartment?

    I know that I got much better when I addressed my food alllergies and yeast problem, even though the viruses obviously continued to be a big problem for you. Maybe addressing your own toxic load (if indeed the mold is causing one) would help you too.

    Best, Lisa
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    Try googling the following for some info about mold:


    They have some info on how to test for whether mold is present and for the type of mold, as well as how to (at least temporarily) kill mold in a particular room. The Stachybotrys seems to be the one they're worried about.

    They think super high-powered ozone generation is an answer. Those machines seem to cost about $600 and up. You also have to leave the room for a number of hours during the process.

    I don't know if these things work, but they could at least be worth exploration.

    It seems like at least some of the Austin Healthmate air purifiers remove mold spores from the air even though they don't kill the mold itself. That would be the easiest thing to do.

    i would get a large one that would clean the air in the whole apartment (up to 1500 square feet) if I were going to buy one. (That's the size I have.) They cost about $500.

    There are a lot of other good air purifiers available too, of course. I found when I bought this one that most of the ones that were as highly rated as this one cost a lot more. I also liked the fact that there is supposedly no need for a filter change for five years.

    Previous board threads have concluded that ionic air filters are not very useful and maybe even harmful. The initial sites I've hit on the Internet seem to agree with that.

    Best, Lisa

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  6. ulala

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    you're living? If you do have you contacted the landlord? Do you see or smell mold? If you see or smell mold you should move out.

    If you can't move at this time get an air purifier as lisa mentioned. Keep your windows open and try not to breath the spores. Sleep by an open window even if it's only cracked open a little so that you're breating fresh air.

    I've been through a lot with mold so maybe I can answer some of your questions.

    Best wishes!

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