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  1. JoFMS

    JoFMS New Member

    Hi All,

    I have had fibro for 5 yrs and cfs for about 2 yrs.

    I just wanted to write this post to tell you that perseverence is worth it.

    After 5yrs of numerous docs and requesting tests that they won't do, today I made a breakthrough!

    Why? Because some wonderful physio on the yahoo chelation group helped me get the tests I needed. After having a hair test done through DDI labs, he advised me that my adrenal and thyroids needed help and advised I have a saliva adrenal stress index test & a stool analysis test. Luckily he could order the test for me and I sent it off to the USA with the results:

    Adrenal Fatigue - stage 5

    I have been advised the following:
    low dose cortisol - dependent on results
    Adrenal cytotrophin 1-3 tabs a day
    Pregnenolone 30mg twice a day
    Vit B 5 500mg twice a day
    Vitamin B6 50mg twice a day
    Biotin 2000mcg twice a day
    Magnesium 400mg
    Diet - to eat high protein meals frequently

    I was advised to have further tests:
    TSH, Free T3, Free T4, Thyroid antibodies, Ferritin & B12. Some of these I have had before but not the Free T3, ferritin or B12.

    So after having these results and advice on paper - I took them to my local doc who I have seen previously, he read through it all and said 'The reason I'm not going to argue with you is I can see how desperate you are and it's not detrimental to you so I'm going to go ahead and give you the cortisol and lab tests'.

    So I had these all done today and am awaiting results and will start the cortisol tomorrow.

    I wonder how many of us actually have adrenal fatigue. Blood tests don't test for this - only saliva at 4 different times of the day, and therefore so many people can't get the right treatment they need. Once I have worked on my adrenals, I intend to sort my thyroid out.

    Today is a breakthrough for me and makes me realise not to give up as it may just be the difference between being miserable the rest of my life and actually having one!

    Hang in there everyone and keep fighting - I will post more results once they come back in case they might be of use to others, also how I am getting on with chelating. I am going on a detox week soon too so lots going on.

  2. deb_46

    deb_46 New Member

    Actually, I think mine has progressed to full blown Addison's. I've been in the hospital twice having gone into adrenal crisis.

    My CFS is from the adrenals and Epstein-Barr I think. I'm taking 20mg of cortisone daily for my adrenals and it has helped alot as I was bedridden for nearly two years but I still am unable to work due to very low stamina, fatigue and I have the unrefreshed sleep thing really bad. I wake up feeling just like I did when I went to sleep and that's with taking xanax or there would be not sleep at all.

    I think all my health problems were from going three years with untreated hypo, thanks to stupid docs, working a very physical job when I was too sick to do so. I'm on armour for my hypo.

  3. roge

    roge Member

    hi jofma

    good stuff

    was that from Diagnos Labs in seattle?

    I got my results last march and I am stage 5 too!!

    also got stool results too.

    I hope to post them in detail soon.

    My only concern with the cortisol saliva tests is how relaible are they, I mean it did say my cortisol was low in morning , but then my blood cortisol was normal so what gives? I have done research and of all the hormones, I read cortisol is most accurate in the saliva.

    I have been a little gun shy to use low dose cortisol so the past 5 mths I have been just treating them nutritionally with B5, biotin, vit c and some glandulars.

    I wonder if others have opionions on the reliability of these saliva tests for cortisol and to measure the health of the adrenal gland.

    I will say 4 years ago when i saw an osteopath and he analyzed my body, he said my right adrenal gland was inflamed and I was kind of skeptical then but now after my results less so, so maybe my adrenals are fatigued.

    sorry, dont mean to be negative about questioning the reliability of the adrenal stress index, just I have learned over the years to be skeptical and try and do my research and homework.

    wish you all the best with your treatment of the adrenals and I am glad to see you have been feeling better as I read a few of your past posts.

    It is indeed a full time job to try and get better. I can tell you love life and are so motivated to get well as I am.

    yes, definitely get your free T3 and B12 tested but even if B12 is normal range , you should still try it and see if it helps.

  4. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    And slowly declined to 7 -- flatlined salivary cortisol!

    That was several years ago. Now I take daily cortisol and T3.
  5. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    My chiropractor diagnosed me using muscle testing over 10 years ago with weak adrenals, and gave me Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process (an adrenal glandular product) which helped a great deal. Initially I had to take quite a bit because my adrenals were so weak, but they are much stronger now and I just take an adrenal glandular periodically as needed. I'm eternally grateful to my chiro, for no doctor picked this up.

    I also no longer have a very stressful job or stressful home life. (too quiet now, actually)

    Also I take a good B complex and extra pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid is crucial for adrenal health.


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