Stairs - BIG OUCH!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marecee58, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. marecee58

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    WONDERING if anyone else experiences unbeleivable knee pain going up and/or down stairs. Both up and down are difficult, but I find going down causes much more pain and I find myself having to often place both feet on the same step. ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM GOING UP AND/OR GOING DOWN STAIRS ???
  2. kmelodyg

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    Stairs are evil!! LOL I sleep downstairs and the only bathroom in the house is upstairs. It is the worst in the morning when I first get up. My meds have not kicked in and I really have to go!! I have no choice but to face the "demon"! Going down is alot worse that going up. My legs and feet are always throbbing and shaking. It is not fun at all!!

  3. loonie

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    I usually have more trouble going down them also. Found going down them sideways lessens the problems. Of course this means going down one at a time. :0

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  4. ruthiepie

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    I don't post very often, but I do have a tip about the use of stairs, that I haven't seen here....I have FMS/MPS and a host of other ABC symptoms...including BPPV(positional vertigo...when my head moves so does everything else)....along with the pain, this makes stair steps excedingly horrible.....I avoid them whenever I can, but I have found out that if I absoutely have to use them it is so much easier to come down the steps backwards...easier on the knees and I don't have to look I look stupid!!! I care????..we have to do what works best for us regardless of what others think....God Bless you ya....ruthiepie
  5. wolflake46

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    I know what you mean! I live in a split foyer house so I can't avoid the stairs. I have a terrible time with them. My knees hurt so bad when I especially go up, and wouldn't you know it my laundry room is downstairs so I have 2 sets to go up and down when I do laundry. Take care!

  6. ckball

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    OMG it hurts so bad sometimes that I do the one step at a time in the AM. If I lay down during the day, which I do a lot, it starts all over, I get so stiff.I live in a 2 story house with the laundry in the basement so I cannot avoid them. I am only 47 and feel 80 on some days. You are not alone so hang in there.
  7. Susan07

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    Problems with stairs for years. Wouldn't even think of living in a house with stairs. Also hurts worse going down than up.
  8. Megster

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    In fact, all my sypmtoms have become worse since moving into this two story house. Is part of why I don't post all that often, computer is upstairs. There are some days that I just can't do it. What kills me about that is that my daughter's (8 yo) bedroom is upstairs, and there are nights I just can't make it up to tuck her into bed and read/sing/tickle her like I always have. I know part of the knee pain is osteoartritis, and one doctor suggested surgery for it, but haven't followed up on it.