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    It is so amazing that as Christians we can see a spiritual lesson or principal is just about anything! My honey was a combat arms instructor in the Air Force for 24 years and as a child hunted and trapped in the hills of W. Va. Even the earliest pictures of him as a child show a toy gun or rifle, and in his teens he participated in many civil war reinactments. It's not surprising then that his choice of movies gear towards movies like the Patriot, Last of the Mowhigans, Custer, etc.
    I have noticed as I sit and watch these movies with him over and over that after the battle line has been formed, and the enemy is charging that there is always one great warrior leading the frey shouting "Hold Your Ground". Of course after the battle is over, you see a multitude of carnage all over the place, but you can also see that those who "held thier ground" lived to share the testimony of their victory.
    I encourage you all today, to stand fast and "HOLD YOUR GROUND" I know the enemy is charging, and we hear the war cry in our ears, but Jesus is our Hero, the one in the forefront of the battle and he will lead us thru to the Victory. Praise God! Stand Still and see the Salvation of the Lord!