Standard test for CFS/FM

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    What are the standard test a rheumie should order for a newly diagnosed patient?
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    No reply. : (
    Should I walk into my doctor's office and say "Why does Marsha get everything? Marsha Marsha Marsha!"

    Why hasn't my doctor tested me for HHP-6, CMV etc....?
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    who gets stuff done!

    Have you sent for this website's guide to treatments? Go to the post at the top of this page, you can fill out a form for getting it if you haven't already done so.

    I personally like Dr. Teitlebaum's book, From Fatgiued to Fantastic, so do a lot of others on this board. He outlines what he does, also has a website where you can (for a fee) fill out a form and, based on your responses, you get a report on what you should look into and start doing. That's what I did to start. (Type his name into Google.)

    Hope this helps!
    LOL, Victoria