Standing up to the doctors!! We can do it!!!

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    This morning I called up my MD's and told them "no more doxycycline. No more Vioxx. The flu shot has left me with 5 months of elevated white cell counts. The meds have not helped at all and they won't help. Don't deny it anymore, please just give me the lot number. And explain why you gave me this highly politicized vaccination when you knew I was sick." It worked and next week I have a conference with almost the whole practice. I want answers. I spoke up and I am going to get better damnit. I am going to take some herbs, take some supplements, keep my acupuncture going and make this part of my past.

    We can do this.
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    My doctor and I have a relationship that we discuss everything openly.

    I believe that you should be able to talk about anything with your primary care doctor, and every doctor you go to, regarding the pros and cons to all of your treatments.

    I also believe in being respectful in doing so.

    What is that old saying? You get more flys with honey, than vinegar?
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    Cristine--flu shots are one of the things that all do not agree on. Some with our disorders take them yearly, then there are some like myself who will never take any vaccine again, as I believe it would be harmful for me to do so, due to a suppressed immune system. The important thing, is that I have a great working relationship with my Doc, and we discuss all the pro's and con's of a med before ever initiating them. I do alot of research before ever approaching him with a new med for treatment, or when we discuss meds at appointments, I go home, research make my decision, and return explaining my choice. We are after all responsible for our own treatment, and knowledge of what we take in the way of treatment.
    Vioxx is a good choice for some with co-existing conditions. My sister has CFS, and severe arthritis in her cervical spine (she broke her neck in a car wreck in her teens). However those with FM/CFS with no inflammatory conditions going on, do not usually benefit as much from this drug.
    Are you seeing a Doctor who specializes in FM/CFS. I find this paramount, as they keep abreast of new research, and have a large enough client base, to have gained much experience in the treatment area. It would take me forever to reach a point where I had the knowledge base that my Doc has. His recommendations have been great.
    I spent too much time "fighting it out" with "conventional" docs, who really did not believe in these disorders, or were stabbing in the dark, as they did not know how to treat them, having never done so before. Too much stress, debilitating me more, too much time, and money spent, left me wanting a compassionate, and caring doctor who was really interested in these disorders, my health, and helping me get well. Since finding a specialist 9 months ago, I have been treated agressively, working on an individual treatment plan to best suit me, and have made great progress. We have tried many routes, meds, vits, and supps, and have come away through experimentation, with a protocol that is working for me. I feel I must be proactive in all this, and my physician must be my best advocate.
    After a novel length post, lol, I think what I am trying to express is with these disorders, stress will really disable you more. During the months and months I was bucking up against those who didn't want to--or wouldn't treat me, I continued to do harm to myself. Standing up, and saying I will find someone who competently treats me, is a far better use of energy, than fighting a system of Doc's. They will all concur that ill individuals need vaccinations to prevent the flu. You will get the lot number as you requested...and that will be it, I am afraid. MD's stick together. Perhaps your energy would be better spent looking for a FM/CFS specialist--
    I also tried just the supplement and vitamin regime, unfortunately it wasn't sufficient for me, and I do need convention RX'es, as well. My Doc has a much vaster knowledge than I do about RX'es, vitamins, supplements, and combinations. I do research, but It would take me a greater deal of time to have achieved the level I am presently at--without his help and knowledge.
    Best wishes,
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    I tried to get doctors on the NHS (UK) to sort out those problems which I knew could be treated. I was getting angrier and angrier coming across the wrong docs and not being able to see the genuine specialists unless I went privately and paid for all my tests.

    My CFS started as a result of negligence so you can imagine just how fustrated I became.

    Trying to convince the wrong doctors was exhausting; I suffered' but got nowhere.

    So I found an intelligent GP (PCP) with whom I can discuss anything. She is limited with regard to what she can prescibe on the NHS; but talking to her as an equal, bouncing my thoughts off her, and explaining to her what I think is going on helped my loopy brain decide what I should do. So far I have managed to turn around a frightening five year decline.

    I've always found using my intuition is better than being persuaded to have immunisation and questionable pharmacuetical agents which do nothing to address underlying problems.

    I take a few drugs but everything else would come under natural/complementary therapies including traditional acupuncture.

    good luck


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    Thanks for the advice. Yes, I know how nice it is to have a doctor who you can really talk to and relate to. I had one until I moved across the country. And, as soon as I got here my new doctor gave me the flu shot. I am an extremely proactive person and simply want to discuss the risks of vaccines with these professionals. I have several MD's in my own family and they have already heard a mouthful from me about this situation. Essentially, it was my own drive and their suggestions to speak up to my current doctors that have brought me to where I am. Because if no one speaks up no one gets anywhere. I don't plan on being obnoxious, sort of giving them a wake up call: My immune system has beenon over drive since November 13, 2002!!