Stanford University Announces Chronic Fatigue Biomarker

Discussion in 'News and Research' started by KerryK, Aug 2, 2017.

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    Hi Kerry

    Thanks for the good news. I've had CFS for more than 30 years. I really thought it
    was another kick in the teeth when I found out many people including doctors
    felt it wasn't a real disease.

  3. KerryK

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    I am still waiting for the public apologies from all the more prominent voices in the medical community that dismissed fibromyalgia and CFS as psychogenic or "bio-psycho-social" illnesses. We are way past due.
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    I would like something to come from this study that leads to the improvement in the lives of those afflicted, if not a cure. Maybe this will be a beginning.....

    Thanks for the post, KerryK!
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    I'm hoping that something will come out of this, and, also, the work of Ron Davies. However, having had CFS/ME for 26 years now, I'm not too optimistic anymore. There have been too many times research hasn't worked out the way we would like it to. :(
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    Hi Kerry

    I re-posted the Stanford URL on the current Porchlight thread. It confirms what we
    knew all along. We are not people seeking attention; not mentally ill, lazy, liars, or

    The porch BTW is a thread that provides some of what meany of us miss. A social
    life. People talk about their medical problems, but also about what's going on in their
    life: pets, pet peeves, recipes, weddings, funerals, kids, etc. Drop by any time.

    Thanks again.
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