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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by turtlesyndrome, Dec 6, 2006.

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    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone has been treated by Dr. Montoya at Stanford's Infectious Disease Clinic? He is currently working with CFS patients, and has also completed a trial with CFS patients using the anti-viral drug valganciclovir.
    Here's a link to an article on it.

    I called Montoya's office today to get a refferal to see Him.
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    Let us find out what you hear with regard to Dr. Montoya's taking patients. I believe he's a researcher and so may be using Valcyte only in controlled research studies. i think knowing what he is up to these days would be interesting for all of us, though.

    I am currently taking Famvir and Jolie is taking Valtrex. (These are antivirals quite similar to Valcyte, although some people say they do not work as well.)

    Jolie and I have been writing daily posts about our experiences for the past four weeks, and the few other people on the board who have experiences with antivirals have been chipping in with regard to these posts.

    Delia's doctor (I believe his name is Dr. Brewer?) appears to only be using Valcyte these days.

    My own doctor had just started to use Valcyte when I saw him in early October. He told me that if the Famvir didn't work for me, we would switch to that. i don't know what his experiences have been since then though.

    I approached him with the information about the Montoya study, and he said that he has been prescribing Famvir for about a year. He's talked to Dr. Montoya in depth about Valcyte, and I think they're using it in very similar ways.

    Thus far the FFC's have been prescribing mostly Valtrex but seem to have started prescribing Famvir. Again, you can read about experiences on our threads, the most recent of which are at the top of the board.)

    There seems to be some belief that Valcyte may kill hhV6 whereas Valtrex and Famvir do not. I'm not sure that's conclusively been shown to be true, though.

    I haven't heard of anyone on the board having actually taken Valcyte or read any specific case histories. I will ask my doctor for more details next time I see him.

    Those of us interested in anti-virals have been posting regularly on Jolie's and my threads. Forebearance is also interested in anti-virals and has some threads called "Anti-Viral Enzymes" that you also want to read.

    I hope you will join us with contributions!
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    Welcome to the board. I know you will find lots of helpful, generous, people here.

    Your post drew my attention with the mention of Stanford. I used to go to Dr. Tayeri, there, (eyes). I really miss the Bay Area. I'm glad you're with us.

    The study seems interesting. Please let us now how you progress.

    Oh, I'm an artist, also.Saratoga is a great town. I used to go to "Richerd Jones and Co,", on 3rd street, to have my hair done. I don't think he's there any more. Things surely change rapidly.

    Best of luck,

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    Yeah Montoya did a controlled study with 12 CFS patients using valganciclovir (is that the same as valcyte?). 9 out of the 12 patients noticed improvements, according to the article mentioned above.

    Montoya is now taking CFS Patients, and he devotes certain days and times entirely for CFS patients. You have to have a referal and also specific lab tests done to get an appointment.

    I have been tested for HHV-6 at ImmunoSciences Lab and I was negative for both a past and current infection of HHV-6.

    However my lab results show an abnormally high level for a past infection of EBV.

    Thanks for the input!
  5. turtlesyndrome

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