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  1. Just wondering if anyone has had an increase in boils or infection from pimple.I got one so big on forhead it had to be drained,Doc said it was probably from staph infection.This thing got so big my whole face swelled up .Ruhtie
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    The common form of staph is often found on the skin of people.

    I had a series of staph boils in my axilla a few years back and had to take a course of antibiotics to get it to clear.

    The problem is that methicillin resistant staph, which used to be almost entirely hospital acquired, is showing up from hot tubs, in athletic teams at all levels from the equipment, from athletic clubs, etc.

    It is very, very difficult to treat and can be deadly.
  3. All they did was drain it and yellow cottage cheese material came out. I still have no idea what happened.He just said some how it got infected but didn't really say much about the infection except get it out of forhead.They actually asked if i was maybe bitten by something. It hasn't happened again but sometimes I get these hard pimples and hop and pray it wont happen agan. RUthie
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    Agree with you Wakemeup. Husband just spent 6 weeks trying to get rid of his that covered one side of his face.

    Dr. didn't culture to begin with........a "must"!! Then wrong antibiotics, and they kept spreading. Scary as they got close to his eyes.

    Finally he switched to a smart dermatologist, who gave him what he needed. He's still paranoid, as it can be deadly.
    Squeezing pimples, ingrown hairs can be triggers. Apparently we all have staph; mostly in our noses of all places.

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    I got a resistant form of Staph in my underarms. The doc believed it was from using contaminated deodorant after shaving. The Staph likely got into my system through a small nick in the skin. I had used a sample of a new deodorant I got in the mail.

    Finally, when all else failed, the doc scraped some pus from the lesions and had it grown out. A Staph toxoid was made and given to me in injections, like allergy shots. It caused my own immune system to recognize and kill the infection. All this went on over a two-year period.

    Even today, if I have a spike in adrenaline from a close call, my armpits will burn and itch. I've never had a recurrance of the rash/infection, though, so the immunity must have been permanent. This type of treatment, called phages, has been used with great success in parts of Russia for years. It is safer than ABX because it doesn't lead to mutation and resistant strains. This is also how transfer factors work but I don't know whether there is one for Staph.

    Good luck in your treatment.

    Love, Mikie