Staph infection?

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  1. hagardreams

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    Any one have any advise on staph infections. I went to the EMR this morning, and they said I had one. I have about 7 sores that are about 3 inches in size and pretty swollen. I have seen worse on images on the internet. They really hurt. They gave me bactrim and I promptly threw them back up. I have not been able to take Bactrim in years. I dont heal well, I have had type 1 diabetes for 32 years. This is making my blood sugars rise, and the high blood sugars make the sores that much worse. This is really scary. If any one knows anything I can try to help, I would really appreciate the advise. God bless, Julie
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    If you cannot keep the antibiotics down, you need to get back to the doctors. They may need to give you the antibiotics by IV.

    Please let them know asap you are not taking the pills. You need to treat this asap before it gets way out of hand.

    Take care

  3. Mikie

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    Under my arms for 2 years. It was a resistant strain and they couldn't get it to heal. Finally, my doc scraped some of the lesions and sent the pus (sorry) to the lab. They grew it out and made a staph toxoid from it. They injected me with the toxoid until my own immune system got trained and killed off the staph itself. The toxoid shots were like allergy injections to train the immune system.

    To this day, if I have a near miss in traffic and a big surge in adrenaline, I will experience a burning sensation in my armpits.

    If you cannot find an ABX to get rid of this infection, ask your doc about the toxoid. With diabetes, you can't afford to fool around with sores which don't heal. Also, this constant infection will drag your body down.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    If you are unable to keep down the RX for the antibiotic they gave you it is imperative that you get back to the doctor to get a replacement. Staph infections have many forms and strains, some of which can be deadly and since you do know know what strain you have it is essential you treat it as the most critical. I had a staph infection I contracted in an Anatomy and Physiology lab back in college 10 years ago that almost killed me. Please return to Dr ASAP!
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    This is important so am bumping it to be sure it is read.

    Love, Mikie
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    The doctor is suppose to call me something in to the pharmacy to help with the stomach problem. They said that it would help me keep the meds down.
    My blood sugars have been a nightmare to say the least. Hopefully first thing in the morning I can get the meds and will be able to keep it down.
    The sores actually look some better today. I have done the cleaning and stayed out of the tub, and took a shower instead.
    Thanks for all the adivse, I had no idea that staph was that bad, but I intend to do more research on it. God bless you all, Julie
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    nasty predicament you have, alternative to antibiotics for ulcerative sores has been the success of putting medicinal honey on the sores,Just too add there has been a link found between staph and chronic pain in people by a biochemistry company called bioscreen here in Australia,try for more detailed information.

    god bless
  8. pgfnch2

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    on an antibiotic, even if you do have to go to the ER! Also, in the meantime, I don't know where your staph infection is, but I want to share this with you...
    Years ago I got bit by a dog, and developed a staph infection ( the doc never put me on antibiotics in the first place.) Then I had to go to the hospital because of the infection, and almost lost my leg! What I'm getting to is, I was of course admitted and administered antibiotics thru IV, and soaked in TIDE, three times a day. Yes, they drew my bathwater and added TIDE detergent, and I soaked my leg three times a day, and later the doctor said that was what saved my leg.
    You can do some research on it, but Tide does fight staph infection, and many people may not know that. Give it a shot, but only to go along with your antibiotics! Good luck!
  9. pmarenghi

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    Hi Julie
    I have type 2 diabetes and have many ulcers on my right leg....some very deep. My doctor gave me Kefflex pils but they did nothing. I was sent to a psyiatrist (pain specialist) who said it was a staph infection. When i told him about the Kefflex, he said pill wont work on leg ulcers, and gave me an antibiotic cream (very expensive !) that I apply twice a day then cover my leg with saran wrap to keep it there... he said if it did not clear the staph in 2 weeks I would be sent to an infectious disease doctor for follow up. It will be 2 weeks on Thursday, they look a little better, but far from healed. Keeping my fingers crossed too. Let me know how you make out !