Star Jones is having a new Radio Show if your interested

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    I guess she has been very busy .I think this should be very interesting .I really like her but I hope I can remember to lesson for it.

    Atlanta, GA WAMJ-FM (102.5) 10am-1pm
    Baton Rouge, LA WIBR-AM (1300) 9am-12pm
    Beaumont, TX KIKR-AM (1450) 9am-12pm
    Birmingham, AL WPSB-AM (1320) 9am-12pm
    Birmingham, AL WJRD-AM (1150) 9am-12pm
    Boston, MA WILD-AM (1090) 10am-1pm
    Chicago, IL WVON-AM (1450) 7pm-10pm
    Cincinnati, OH WDBZ-AM (1230) 7pm-10pm
    Cleveland, OH WERE-AM (1300) 10am-1pm
    Columbia, SC WGCV-AM (620) 10am-1pm
    Detroit, MI WCHB-AM (1200) 10am-1pm
    Dothan, AL WAGF-AM (1320) 10am-1pm
    Hartford, CT WKND-AM (1230) 10am-1pm
    Little Rock, AK KPZK-AM (1250) 9am-12pm
    Little Rock, AK KPZK-FM (102.5) 9am-12pm
    Little Rock, AK KVLO-FM (101.7) 9am-12pm
    Miami, FL WTPS-AM (1080) 10am-1pm
    Mobile, AL WDLT-AM (660) 10am-1pm
    Philadelphia, PA WHAT-AM (1340) 10pm-1am
    Portland, OR KBMS-AM (1480) 7am-10am (PT)
    Raleigh, NC WAUG-AM (750) 10am-1pm
    Richmond, VA WROU-AM (1240) 10am-1pm
    Savannah, GA WJLG-AM (900) 10am-1pm
    Seattle, WA KZIZ-AM (1560) 8am-10am (PT)
    Tallahassee, FL WHBT-AM (1410) 10am-1pm
    Washington, DC WOL-AM (1450) 10am-1pm