Starstella please tell me about your twitching

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    When I read your note the other day you mentioned that you had twitching. I go to an Nueroligist and she has been treating my trembling of my hands,and twitching of my body
    in a direction I'm not sure of. First it was an MRI,then I was to have an EEG but I had to cancel. The next step was to stay at a Psychiatric Institute for a day. I guess she was looking for Alzhymers or Parkinsons.

    When I read you had twitching it rang a bell. Could my FMS be causing it?I took the MRI and it just proved that my brain was shrinking but that was normal in an older adult(big tinkle what else is new.) When I was due to go in for the other two tests, my husband was diagnosed with IPF and that took the wind out of our sails. I decided to put all my problems on the back burner until we took care of him as soon as possible,and I read as much as I could to know what was going on with his lungs.

    Can you shed some light on the trembling and twitching I have been experiencing?

    Love and glad to know you.

    Putter/ Bobbie
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I don't have too much informaion about the twitching. I feel like its related to the FM and some of the other posts on the board seem to indicate this also.
    I was having a bad flare last year. lots of trigger points and spasms, especially in my left bicep. I would just be sitting there relaxed and my bicep would start twitching. it was visible through my clothing and sometimes would last for hours. The other thing that was happening was my whole left arm would suddenly jerk. Example, i could be sitting at a desk writing with my right hand and resting the left arm on the desk and the arm would go flying across the desk. If I tried to raise either arm above my head the arms would jerk all over the place and there were times the fatigue that went along with this was so great i was never able to finish raising my arms all the way. I was referred to a neurologist who ordered a lot of blood tests and an MRI which were all normal. The neurologist also noted a tremor of my head and arms. His conclusion was that I was eperiencing neuromuscular problems from the FM.

    The jerking movemet would happen in other areas (head, chest, legs)too, especially if I was falling asleep. I went through a lot of physical therapy which has helped the twitching symptoms. My pain specialist and I talked about doing some testing on my neck to see how that was contributing to the arm problems but I don't want any more testing. I don't want any other bad news, I don't want surgery, so I figure that maybe i'm better off not knowing what is going on. The twitching was also happening at night, waking me up. One night I woke up an thought that I had had a seizure or something. Doc put me on Klonopin which helps.
    So, basically the symptoms are still there, not as severe as before because of physical therapy and drugs. I'm interested to know about the reason for the visit to the psyciatric hosp. Good luck with dealing with your symptoms and I hope your husband is feeling ok.
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    I had to read these posts having seen the word "twitching". I think twitching should be my middle name. Starstella, the kind of visable twitching in your biceps muscle, is a common experience for me---I get them there, also my calves, and lately I've had a particularly annoying one in my chin. The facial ones, to me, are especially exhausting. I've always had these with FM, and they seem to come in clusters---sometimes I can go for a while and realize I haven't noticed a lot of twitching. Other times it's fairly constant, but each particular twitching "site" seems to last a day or two, then migrate somewhere else. I don't take meds to try & lessen this, I'm med-hypersensitive, & have such bad side effects to everything! I just tolerate it, but I do think it is a pretty common part of FM, some of us seem to have it more than others. I've also had (but not lately) the type of twitching that is kind of tiny twitches all over in rapid succession. I never knew how to describe this to doctors, until Devin Starlanyl's book described it to a T: it's as though you draped those tiny Christmas light strings around your whole body, then put them on the twinkle setting. Perfect! Until I read that, I couldn't put it into words......

    Good luck with this, it's a frustrating part of FM. Magnesium helps me a bit, but twitching is still a big part of my FM life.

    Hope this helps a little, Putter, you aren't alone in this!