started a new job... so much pain!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sweetbeatlvr, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    a month ago, i started a new job, at Wal-mart as a cashier.

    i was a grill cook/waitress before, and was looking for something that would be a little easier for me, physically.

    i thought this job would be that, but i think i made a mistake.

    i get very depressed everyday that i have to go in, because i know i am going to suffer because of it.

    since i've started, my pain levels have shot up. i can barely walk out the door when i leave. i have a hard time bending to get into my car when i leave, because my back is so tight. i just want to cry when i'm standing there working, and my days stretch on so long, because all i can think about is the pain.

    it's also made my sleep alot worse. i'm hurting worse, so i have a harder time falling asleep, i have to use atleast 5 pillows to "prop" my body in a semi-comfortable postion, then once i fall asleep, i'm waking up more than usual. i've started the symptoms of waking up, with a racy heart, and sweats, that stopped for awhile, but have since come back.

    i've been there a month, and thought maybe my body would get more use to it, but it's just getting worse.=(

    i can't quit, it's not an option, we are barely getting by now.=(

    i am looking for something else, but it's slim pickings out there right now, especially for someone w/ no college education, and only having cashiering, cooking, and waitressing experience under my belt

    there really is no purpose of this post, but to vent i guess. i'm just getting really down, and in a lot of pain. thanks for listening. <3

  2. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Just wanted to send you a gentle hug. vent anytime.

    Standing for any length of time can send me into a horrible flair.

    I would try to find a job where you could sit/stand both so that it's not so hard
    on you physically .

    I'm not sure if walmart would do this but maybe you could get a bar stool type
    chair that you could use when you don't have a customer and that might help
    a little until you can find a different job that would be easier on you physically.

    I'm sorry you are having to go through this.
    Gentle hugs, Susan
  3. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    i really appreciate it.

    i do stretch, as much as possible, i just usually have to do it quick, as there is usually a steady stream of customers. i also cannot stretch as efficiently as needed, because i would look rather odd up there, and i'm not sure what my supervisors would say?

    i did not tell them i had Fibromyalgia when i was interviewed, because i did not want it to hamper my chances of getting the job, you know?

    i will look into a better pair of shoes, but it may be awhile before i would be able to afford them.

    hopefully i can find a better job soon... or possibly be transferred to a different department?

    i'm going to talk to my doctor next time i go in, about possibly getting a back brace too, of some kind that may take some pressure off of my tailbone, not sure if anything like that exists or not.

    thanks for letting me vent, it has been really getting me down, but i feel a little better getting it off my chest. i hate to complain to my husband too much, so he won't get annoyed w/ me.

    i really appreciate having you all, you're like a second family to me.<3
  4. Pansygirl

    Pansygirl New Member

    Are you able to take anything for you fibro pain?

    On the shoe idea another thing that might cost less would be do get
    some of those gel type of shoe inserts. That might help till you can buy
    different shoes. I know you can get them at CVS and maybe Walmart too

    Keep us posted.

    Very gentle hugs, Susan
  5. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    no, you're right, fibromickster, i was supposed to start a pharmacy tech job. i did all the training and was just waiting for my schedule, and instead, they called me and said one of their student interns was coming back (they had a union), so they would not be able to give me that job after all. they offered me half the hours, in the meat department.=( i had to decline that job. i was absolutely heartbroken when that happened. just wasn't meant to be at the time...

    i'm going to put it on my job preferences (at Wal-Mart) to go to the pharmacy, but someone has to leave for that happen.

    thanks for the suggestion on the inserts, definately more in my price range.

    i do take pain meds, but i've been on the same dose for 2 years, and they just aren't cutting it right now. i'm gonna talk to my doctor next week about that.

    thanks again for the responses. i truly appreciate it. <3
  6. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I commend you for being able to do this for a month! Standing for any length of time is hard on most people - especially when standing still - let alone someone with Fibro pain!

    I believe that your employers need to make reasonable accommodations for you. You don't have to tell them that you've had Fibro for any length of time. Great idea to ask for a stool to rest on when needed. Investing in a good pair of shoes or even the inserts is imperative.

    Whenever I have worse pain, my sleep is always effected. You'd think you'd conk out, but it's the opposite for many of us.

    I don't know how much money you make or have to make. If Walmart will assist you either in your current position by making accommodations or by moving you to a different position that would be great. If not, you really need to take care of yourself - there are always entry level positions that don't require college education etc - sometimes office work,receptionists, call centers, data entry, etc. Your experience is really more vast than you give yourself credit for - you have a lot of customer service experience!

    Vent away - that's reason enough for your post!

    As asked before - do you take anything for your pain? for sleep?

  7. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member


    yes, i am prescribed 7.5 lortab 3x/day, and have been on that for almost 2 years now. they are just not working very well at all. i need to discuss this w/ my doctor next week , and hopefully he will be willing to help me be more comfortable.

    i have literally tried everything for sleep, and nothing has helped, with the exception of ambien cr, but my insurance will not cover it, and it is very expensive. it is strange how when the pain is worse, our sleep is affected worse. i think because all of the pain signals being shot through my body, it's hard for my brain to rest, therefore my body can't rest, and it's a vicious cycle.

    we've been trying different things for my muscle tension (which is at an all time high), the latest being zanaflex, and it is not doing anything besides giving me a horribly dry mouth. i've had the most relief from Valium, and am gonna see if i can just go back to that.

    if i feel anything like i have for the last month, next week at my appointment, i will have no problem relaying the pain i've been feeling.

    i am trying so hard to hang in there, i hope he will be willing to help me out more.

    thanks for all of your suggestions and comforting posts, i am so thankful to have people who understand what i'm going through, and how hard, everyday "normal" tasks, can seem like mountains to climb (or atleast feel like i have climbed 10 Mt. Everests in a day!=).

    i wish you all well... Autumn
  8. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    i'm glad i read your post here.

    I was in our local walmart yesterday and the cashier was sitting on a stool. If there's no rules that you must stand, kindly ask for a stool. Then you would be able to sit when needed.

    Another thought is to have a cushoined matt on floor where you do stand. One of my old jobs had concrete floors and work place let employees use a cushoined rubber matt on the floor where we stood.

    Hopefully you can ask for another position at walMart if cashier position is too much for you.
    They do have alot of positions, think positive and put in for another position if you need too

    Wish you well
  9. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    about the pharmacy. i really didn't think about how, it would pretty much be the same thing. i've been told that electronics and the jewelery department are good to get in to, i will be be putting those on my career goals.

    i hate to leave a good company like Wal-Mart. if you stick around long enough there are alot of perks with the job. hopefully i can push past the pain, until a more siutable position opens up.

    thanks again for the advice.<3
  10. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    I just spent today at the bankruptcy lawyer (had to file an emergency case to stop the foreclosure sale of our house, and had to borrow the money to do it) and tomorrow I'm going to the disability lawyer. So, what I'm trying to say is, I'm pretty poverty-stricken right now, but I think it's awful that you can't afford shoes that would make your work life (and therefore homelife, too) so much better. Not just shoes, but those squishy black mats that our grocery checkers use to stand on would help, too. Is there any way that a bunch of us could give a small amount of money to help this happen? I don't know if this post will be pulled, as I know stuff sometimes "disappears" here, but if I didn't have my parents (who I've had to depend on for the past year or more), I would be in the same position. I do have good shoes (Earth Shoes tennis shoes that really helped my back after my back surgery for a herniated disk, but they're now three years old and I can't afford to replace them - still, I don't go out too much, so they'll get me by and I don't *need* anything new), but if I had to start working (I'm in a horrible flare from just the stress of paperwork), I'd definitely be in the same boat as the original poster. Heck, my back starts to hurt just after emptying a litterbox or two.

    To cut to the chase, is there anything we can do as a group to help? My email address is available in my profile, so interested people can write to me. I'm willing to give out all of my personal info, plus my blog info (which is as well as anyone could get to know me - it goes back years and years, and how I post is how I am), our registered pet charity (in Nevada) info, to prove I am who I say I am. I'd just like to be able to get together a bunch of us to be able to help get her shoes that would help. No large amounts from anyone, so no one would be risking much on their own. I just can't stand to know that someone who feels like I do, is out in the world daily, and suffering more than she has to be.

    I apologize for my parenthetical rambling. It's one of my writing quirks. That, and leaving out words that my brain thought of, but my fingers neglected to type.
  11. DoveL

    DoveL Member

    Hello Sweetbear!

    I am sorry to hear about your dilemma! I know how you feel. Maybe you can tell Walmart that you have a disability, and you need some special acommodations. I know that they do hire alot of people with disabilities at the store near me. And ask them if they can accomodate you with a chair to sit on; incase you need to rest your feet.

    I know you need the $$ (I can relate; I have FMS/CFS), but maybe you can cut down your shift to a few less hours.

    I used to bartend fulltime before I got ill, but after I got ill I had to work in an office where I am mostly sitting, but get to walk around as well.

    Anyway, hang in there!