started a new (low energy) hobbymaking beaded jewelry

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bigmama2, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. bigmama2

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    does anyone else do this? it is sooo much fun!

    does not require much energy, can be done on a budget, (or you could be extravagant), not hard to learn, can order all supplies on line, or just go to your local craft store.

    only thing is- you have to have decent use of your hands, and half decent eyesight.

    i only started a few weeks ago - stringing gemstones to make bracelets, and ive already make 30 bracelets! gotta move on to learn how to make earrings and necklaces.

    anyways, i thouoght i'd mention that this may be a good hobby for cfsers or fibro folks since it can be done at home and does not take much energy. and it's so much fun!

  2. What fun! How did you know where to begin, this sounds interesting. 30 bracelets! What are you going to do with them all, hey sell them!
  3. Pottersclay

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    I bought a lot of supplies to make jewelery.(not the tiny beads..the bigger variety) My four children and our farm keep me hoopin' to where I haven't started the jewelery project yet.
  4. sisland

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    Hi Bigmamma2

    I would love to learn this art since it's the kind of Jewlery i love to wear! Can i ask what kind of (string=wire) you use? My girls have dabbled in this and they love it ! although they use the Hemp cord mostly,,,,,,,,and the medium size beads,,,,,

    So Happy that you have found a hobby like this!,,,,Wow! 30 Braclets,,,thats Great! What kind of Gemstone Beads are you useing?,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,Sis
  5. Juloo

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    Several friends and I were really into beading about two years ago. I still enjoy making bracelets for friends. I have a big backlog of supplies! I like keeping a file of jewelry photos that I see in magazines and catalogs for color ideas and such. One that I particularly like to look at is the Sundance (Jewelry) catalogs that I've gotten. I'm pretty sure they're online as well.

    I like mostly working with silver fittings and findings plus glass and semi-precious beads. I haven't done it yet, but I'm really intrigued by the silver clay that you can shape and fire to make your owns charms and rings, etc. That's what I gave my beading friends for Christmas a couple of years ago.

    Earrings are not hard. I haven't made any, though. Is there a place in your town that does workshops? We have a local beading store that has a few evenings a month based around specific projects. That's how I learned to make bracelets.

    My bead-buying frenzy has calmed down a bit, but I still can't resist stopping in to the several bead shops I've found!
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  6. AnneTheresa

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    My daughter-in-law so enjoyed making jewelry that she took it to the next level and she now makes the very beads she uses for her jewelry.

    She took 6-month glass-blowing course and then set-up a small studio in her home. From her home she makes all manner of glass objects including her beautiful beads.

    Her creations are truly lovely and I have many such treasures received from her as gifts.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your new-found hobby.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  7. laceymae

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    sounds like fun...

    son's girlfriend made bows for Christmas presents from beads...the were shaped like little flowers, so cute.

    I had thought about making some tie-backs for curtains out of beads, thought it would be cute and I like sun catchers, so I thought this might also an added look.

  8. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I haven't incorporated this into my beading, but the supplies are usually sold through the same merchants...

    I got what's called a 'Thing-a-ma-Jig' and some thicker wire (you can get colored copper wire -- very nice) and make decorative wire pieces. Can add beads if you like, or use the decorative wire pieces as charms or links.

    I got some wire -- I think 16 ga. -- in gold-color, silver-color, and dark-green color copper -- and made some decorative Christmas ornament hooks. They support my bigger/decorative ornaments so much better than the skinny commercial hooks. And they look really nice, too. I got about 25 from a 5-yard roll. It was something I could do sitting in front of the TV. I made about 200 before Christmas -- some I gave as Christmas gifts.
  9. kellyann

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    I love to weave the tiny sead beads on a loom, I have tons of them, haha! It is so much fun and something I can do while sick in bed. I would like to get one of those beading trays. That would make it so much easier to keep the beads organized while I'm using them. I have a big plastic tub I keep al my beading supplies in. And I'm always keeping my eyes open for sales at joannes when they have sales on thier beading supplies. That is when i really stock up. I have found that the sead beads from walmart lose their color very fast, so it's not worth even buying from there. Cheaper is not always better. Saving a few cents isn't worth your jewelry looking like crap within a week or two. It is fun to make the sead bead bracelets with elastic threads, and with wire. I just like making all kinds, I guess! I would like to weave like a headband, I think that would be so pretty.

  10. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I found out about the cheap Walmart seed beads -- unfortunately, I have some in some favorites, so now I'm going to have to go re-string with something different to replace them. And I need to throw the old ones away -- or pack them up for a yard sale!
  11. jewels920

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    I also bead jewelry! I love working with moonstone, garnet, and amethyst.

    It's fun and easy and you can put it down to rest and pick it up again later!

    Love and hugs.

  12. bigmama must be busy beading. How did you start, learn? Or did you just jump in? Michaels is fantastic for beads, I always look but don't know where to start as I stated above. I know a couple gals online who make and sell jewelery.
  13. monica33flowers

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    I would love to make jewelry but I've found I have terrible hand tremors. I tried sewing a button on my sons jacket and I stabbed myself repeatedly because my hands shook so badly.
  14. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I stuck these on my scanner -- I got so excited about all the talk about beading. I ended up making a bracelet last night.

    Caveat -- the pink/silver and the multiple semi-precious round (w/three pearls) are NOT my creations. Both of them I got at art fairs. The semi-precious one is actually made up of the associated birthstones for me, son and hubby, my parents and grandparents. The pink lampworked glass beads are just beautiful -- I wear this one a lot. I don't use Swarovski (sp?) crystals -- but a got some small ones to use after I saw this one as it inspired me.

    The purple lampworked glass beads with pearls is my own. The beads probably came from Michael's -- I think they were from 'Blue Moon'. I like pearls a lot as well. The findings aren't pewter, they're silver, but they're tarnished and need to be cleaned!

    The lapis and turqoise heishi bracelet with the flat silver heishi spacers is the one I did last night. It was inspired by some designs that I saw in the Sundance Jewelry catalog. I used a photo charm that I bought about a year ago, but the graphic is the one that came in it -- I haven't put a picture in yet! The non-uniformity of the spacing of the colors and materrials is deliberate.

    The squiggly things at the bottom are the heavy-duty ornament hooks I made at Christmas from the colored-copper 16 ga. craft wire. The ones that weren't yet used on the ornaments are in a big tangly ball in a basket in the living room!

    (I'll leave this photo up until the thread drops...)
  15. bigmama2

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    hey all- thanks for the replies. that's cool that some of you are also into this kinda stuff.

    i'll try to answer some of the questions. how to start beading? tons of free info on web. (just search - how to bead, or beading 101, or jewelry making, etc).

    what wire/string do i use? i use beading wire made by companies like accuflex, beadalon, softflex. i think this is what most bead stringers uses nowadays. then you have to also buy crimp beads and crimp plyers.

    beads? there are tons and tons of kinds - glass, plastic, metal, shell, bone, wood, gemstone, etc etc. But for me- i use mostly gemstone, metal, pearl. maybe a lil glass and shell. but gemstones are my "thaang"!!! i like almost any gemstone beads. all different colors and shapes.

    thanks guys for the tip about walmart beads loosing their color- good to know.

    also good tip- to look at sundance catalog.

    Juloo- that so cool that you posted a photo of your bracelets!! very pretty!!! mine are sorta similar style.

    what will i do with all these bracelets? well i will try to sell them i guess. if that doesnt work, well then, i'll have birthday and christmas presents for about the next 10 years!!! (LOL)

    take care guys,
  16. emttoni

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    We have a friend who used to do silver jewelry and is going to sell us his equipment! We have a bunch of little stores around us and in the summer a lot of tourists too and a farmers marker we can sell at. We are really excited about it!
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    Interesting thread, from good old days :)