Started long term abx - advice needed

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by lpn9999, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. lpn9999

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    I usually post on the fibromyalgia board, but we finally got in to see an LLMD, and my daughter has started long term antibiotics. She's taking Minocin and hydroxychoroquine (an anti-malarial).

    What do you folks do to minimize side effects? We have her on a pro-biotic, but was wondering what else was helpful in your experience.



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  2. Trevor1

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    Hydroxycholorquine is a pretty harsh drug I am also on it at the moment, in the beginning the herx, plus side effects alone can be pretty rough. You really have to give this drug some time for the body to get used to.

    Also just the Minocycyline and Hydroxy don't work to well as a team, you should consider talking to your LLMD about biaxin with the hydroxycholorquine or another macrolide type abx.

    Stay on plenty of probiotics, and get plenty of rest. Also good to make sure your detoxing and drinking lots of water.
  3. lpn9999

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    So far she seems to be holding up ok (except for *very* tired). Hopefully I'll know more about de-toxing by the time she needs it.


  4. victoria

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    So sorry your daughter has this, but so happy she's gotten a diagnosis and a good doctor!

    I started a thread about detox methods for herxing... I'll bump it up for you!

    all the best,