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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wiz, Oct 22, 2005.

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    I just started my quai protocol on 10/21. I am waitng to see how I react. I've had fibro probably all my life and it has finally made me sick enough to do something serious about treatment. I get my first mapping on 11/2 I have sone ingredient questions. Can anyone one tell me if any of the following substances should also be avoided myristyl ether, citrate, and potato starch. The potato starch is in my magnesium supplement. I just discovered it this morning!

    Geez, this ingredient checking is mind numbing!!! and my mind is perty numb to begin with. I do have an EXTENSIVE list of banned stuff, but there is still a lot of questionable things that show up. Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks
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    Good luck with this. I've looked up the ingredients you mentioned & the first two are O.K. We shouldn't eat potatoes if hypoglycemic, but the potato starch might be in such a small quantity that it make no difference. If in doubt, post your questions on the Guai Group message board & you'll receive expert help.

    It took me months to get my brainfog round the book, & I still have to take a file with a list of sal safe products with me when buying toiletries. This means having to explain what I'm doing to the shop assistants, otherwise the security guards give me funny looks.

    So far, my brainfog is lessening on the low carb diet but all other symptoms are tolerably worse as expected. There's still several years of reverse cycling to go. Let us know how your mapping goes! xxx
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