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    After being tested by a neuropsychologist a month ago I started treatment for attention deficit and anxiety disorder last week. The treatment itself is with a shrink. I’m taking 10mg of Ritalin and 10mg buspar, both twice a day. My shrink says the idea of a connection between ADD and FMS has merit. Especially when you throw in the anxiety. He said the stress created by the ADD alone could cause most of the symptoms found with FMS. Stress can cause all the hormonal, endocrine, viral, bacterial and sleep problems found with FMS. He also talked about the “mind-body” connection of chronic illnesses such as FMS and the need to treat both in order for there to be any relief. This may explain why some people develop FMS after experiencing trauma in their life. He also said you have to be receptive to the possibility you may need some counseling, that there may be some “issues” you need to deal with, before you can get better. But it doesn’t mean the pain is “all in your head”, there are true physical problems there too.
    The treatment has been hampered a little by my learning to do the “Mexican Crap Dance” in Cancun a little over a week ago and a bad cold I picked up on returning home but I have had relief. Mostly, I suspect, from the Ritalin since the Buspar needs 3-4 weeks to reach maximum efficiency. The last couple of nights I’ve slept sounder than I can remember having done in a long time, woke up disorientated both nights. I also haven’t had any muscle spasms like I normally would’ve developed with the cold etc I’ve had the last 10 days. I’m much more productive at work too because the Ritalin has done wonders for my brain fog.
    It’s too early to say for sure the treatment has worked miracles but time will tell, I feel much better so far. I may have also lucked out with the doctors I’m seeing. The neuropsychologist said the tests I took mainly show what I don’t have, at my age I’ve learned to work around my ADD while taking them, so it doesn’t show up as prominently. The diagnosis came mainly from asking questions about my growing up from her and the shrink. The shrink I’m seeing is young and still enthusiastic about his work, I can see if you have one that isn’t it would be a problem. I’m sure he’s looked for more info on FMS since our appointment and will have more questions when I see him in a month.
    This is the first treatment for FMS that my skeptical mind, after much research, has accepted so I’m hoping it works. Don't know how much I can get back to answer questions but I’ll try to keep everyone informed.

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    Wow! This is good news. I'm very happy for you that you have found such good docs. From what you have written, it sounds as though they know their stuff.

    I would agree that with chronic illness, especially ones like ours, that some therapy is essential to healing. I also highly believe in the mind/body/spirit connection. My therapist is helping me to remember how to be a well person. Sounds crazy, but it does help.

    Good luck and keep us informed.

    Love, Mikie