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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Gelsey, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. Gelsey

    Gelsey New Member

    Found out I am lopsided, my upper back, hips and neck doesnt move very well at all.
    Unfortunately, the therapist doesnt necessarily believe in Fibro. Here we go again.
    Of course, she has to go along with the diagnosis on the referral for therapy, but she doesnt necessarily believe in it and she probably doesnt understand myofascial pain either. I'm glad I bought lots of books, I think I am on my own with this!
  2. Gelsey

    Gelsey New Member

    You're probably right.
    This lady wasnt very arthritis minded at all.
  3. Gelsey

    Gelsey New Member

    At least the therapist understands myofascial pain and the whole place listens very very carefully. When you say something hurts they are so nice and they really pay attention.
    The weird thing today, someone tried to put a hard pillow (round bolster) under my hip and have me roll on it. they said that was a trigger point release exercise. Well, I cant do it at all. Not because of the pain in my hip but because the very tissues on my outer leg hurt like heck. This is from hip to knee. Does that make any sense to anyone here?

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