Started school (pre-nursing), harder than I thought

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    Hi everyone! Well, classes have started and I am kinda freakin out. I know I can do this ... but it is going to be way way harder than I thought. College was a breeze pre-fibro ... it's certainly different now. I may not be here much for awhile. :-(

    Human Anatomy and Physiology is kicking my butt already. I didn't take any chemistry in HS or previous college, so I am feeling a disadvantage there. What is review for most of my class is new to me. I'm going to be studying overtime. And, I'm really seeing my memory problems now.

    Any students .... or anybody ... with advice? Thanks to everyone here. I wish you all the best. See ya when I come up for air in December. ;-) Hugs,
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    When my symtptoms were not as bad as they are now I was a honour student. When I went for my MA I was worse and my grades dropped a little, not much but enough. A developed little coping strategies to help me out, but they only help so much. Expect you grades to lower a percentage point in some classes, expect your quality of work (research papers especially) to lower if not the grades. First thing is to realize it is going to take you longer to do anything.
    1) Do not study right after school. Relax, eat something and then choose a quiet enviroment to study. Stop if you are having troubles consentrating- there is no point in continuing. My peak studying time was always in the evening.
    2)When doing research, you want to take careful notes on important things in each book you are researching. You will find it difficult to piece things together otherwise.
    3) when writing a paper start with an outline that draws in the info you have taken notes on during your research. Formulate a rough draft and then leave it for a day. Look over your rough draft to make sure you were not in La la land when you wrote it (is it effective, does it wander all over the place, do you fail to make your point). Then write out a version that is more complete.
    4)Edit your papers very carefully. You will find all sorts of strange errors in them. I found it benificial to ask someone else to look it over, because I alwasy seemed to miss some.
    5) take lots of breaks studying- this is an actual recomendation for everyone and has to do with a natural attention span. If your consentration begin to slip change the task you are doing- change to light readings for class as oppossed to studying for an exam or working on a paper.
    6) attend as many classes as possible. It will be harder to absorb information now, so you want exposure to the same information from as many outlets as possible. Lectures can help you sort things out in your head.
    7) to prevent Fibro fog while you are at school, eat many snacks throughout the day.
    8}Most of the classes I took were theory and abstract in nature. A very- difficult area if you can not think clearly. I was told math is the same if you have FMS. I think clases that require straight memorization would also be difficult. So you may want to try visualizing the information. When it comes to straight memorization I am much better if I link the idea, title, name... whatever to a particlar image of it. But if you do have classes involveing theories and abstractions the best way to tackle them rather than losing your train of thought is to take appart the structure of the theory or argumanet and list it point by point.

    Sometimes I had real troubles in school. Such Fibro fog that I could not comprehend the Prof. if my life depended on it. Such days where I could not read a sentance let alone what I needed to. There was also a lot of fustration when I realized I just could not think as clearly as I once did, learn as quickly and communicate as efficiently. But it can be done. If you take your time and know that it will take twice as much effort as it once did and twice as much time- to achieve grades around the same or slightly lower. I was very proud of myself when I graduated with my MA, very proud that my grades were that high despite all the troubles I had to endure and overcome. I was also sad, becuase I knew there was no way I was going to be able to go into the Phd program, not with my new limitations, it was just not feasible.

    Well no one said it was going to be easy, right? We have a disability and are going to have troubles with certain things. But that is not to say that you will not do as well as you ever would have, and better than other average students. It just means you have to be a little more determined, organized and patient to be able to get there.

    So good luck! Myth :)
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    I am almost finished w/prereqs for RN degree for a BSN, I know what you are talking about! I would have my neighbor nudge me from not falling asleep in class! I worked graveyard shift then went to school, I really paid for it later. but listen Hayley, it wont be that hard, the first day of A & P was a nightmare, they were reviewing and I had no idea what they were talking about either, but I did catch on, all you have to do is study and read and most importantly do the review questions at the end of the chapter!!! that will help immensely! also, does your teacher have an online practice quiz that you can do at the end of each chapter? that will help too. another helpful thing is to find out from previous students that took that class what kind of teacher you have, does she go strictly by the book or HER NOTES IN CLASS,,, find that out, or just ask... once you see how he or she tests youll be ok, it is not a hard class, believe me, and IM no einstein either!!!!!!!! I did get a B in it, but I made the decision not to kill myself for that A, I have had to make real compromises like that ever since this DD. It takes too much effort and energy for me to get an A. also in A&P II, I hardly studied and I got a high B. Depends on the teacher... do not sweat it out, just talk to teacher and fellow students, get a study group that you can meet w/outside of class, youll do fine, believe me!!! blessings, Iggy
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    Had first A&P lab last night and feel better. The lab teacher explained that for the first few weeks lecture vs. lab are on different paths which will eventually converge. It seems right now that A&P is two classes! Anyway, I bought a huge stack of Index cards to try and tackle the hundreds of terms we have to memorize. I think I'll put stacks in every roon of the house!

    Thanks for your great advise! If I can make it through this class, I think any other one will pale in comparison! Hope you are having a feeling good day and many hugs,