Started the "P" shots with Mikie's Doctor on Saturday

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    I don't know if the FDA has sent them a letter or not. (They did one of the Transfer Factor online
    companies to "cease" using certain terms or they would shut them down. The TF online site
    published the FDA letter but did not stop with the wording. And, yes, the FDA shut them down.)

    Anyway, Dr. G said that they could not use the "P" word (Dr. G's exact words) but could use
    Amino Acid Injections. Whatever, I had what Mikie had. Oh, and the office gave us a letter
    saying that these shots are NOT FDA Big Letters. Something seems to be going on.

    Since I do not have great brain receptors, my reaction was less. But I do feel like a very icky,
    sick feeling has lifted. I had more energy last nite. And didn't go to sleep til 3am. Just rested
    on my bed in the dark.

    I have decided to stay off most of my meds and supplements for now in order for the shots
    to work as well as they can for me. Some meds, you have to be off 6 weeks. I don't take any of those but I would like to take less supplements and meds as long as I don't feel the sick, icky feeling.

    Brother is getting the injections also. He is a disabled (DDD) M.D. He asked Dr. G for a list
    of the doctors in the US and was given one. I will post more about them later. Will end before this goes poof!

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    Hi Spacee,

    I went to see Dr. G. for the first time on Saturday myself. And I get my first injection on Thursday. I have to be off about half of my medicines and all of my supplements the day before, the day of, and the day after the injection. In addition, I have to be off my betablocker an additional day before the injection.

    Dr. G. gave me the same speech about how he can't use the "p" word. He told me the problem was not so much with the FDA, but rather the state licensing boards. If I recall correctly, he told me there was a doctor in Montana recently shut down because this doctor used the "p" word in association with the injections.

    Btw, I have chronic fatigue syndrome (no fibro.)

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    Interesting, Hugo. Maybe we saw each other in passing. I was the 10:30 appt, Brother was the 11.00.
    I was the one wearing black sunglasses. We had a hard time finding the office since we don't believe in
    GPS..haha. Warranted 2 illegal "u" turns.

    Well, another piece of the puzzle about the no "p" word. That explains a lot.

    I have CFS (no fibro) also. :)

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    Hi, Guys, I've been searching for your posts after having privately messaged with you. I feel as though I don't have much in the way of info on these shots because no one is saying anything about them for fear of losing the formulas that Oxford has worked so hard to create with their research lab. It wasn't until I watched the video on You Tube on how proteins take on different shapes in order to do their jobs, as dictated by the brain, that I halfway understood how the shots work in the body. The shots contain the correct peptide sequences which attach to the receptors in the brain. After a while, the brain is trained to produce its own peptide sequences which allow the proteins in our bodies to do their jobs.

    It's been since Nov. that I haven't had a shot, after a year of them, one a month. I have had no symptoms of my many immune and autoimmune conditions. For a while, in the middle of treatment, it didn't appear that I was making progress. Still, I hung in there and they shots worked. I hope they work for you guys too. One of the problems is that I had unrecognized food allergies which were making me sick. I've since addressed them.

    Then, I got a UTI which has been tenacious. Seems now that I can't completely empty my bladder so the doc will likely give me a drug for that. Oh, goodie! Another drug! After being run down from the UTI, I have picked up a bug which has made me sick all week. Still, none of these things are symptoms of my conditions. So, I believe my peptide treatment has been a big success. I hope and pray for big success for you too.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie,

    Can you send the link for the youtube video you referenced above regarding protein conformation and function?

    Thanks in advance,

  6. spacee

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    Hugo, do you remember if the doctor's office asked for our Social Security number?
    I know that my number has been used to file a fraudulent IRS Form this week.
    Luckily, we never have the IRS owe us money. Husband sees way too much of this
    at his office. I am going through the process of notifying all credit agency's, etc.

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    Oops, so sorry to be so late in answering y'all. I've had ongoing UTI's and then got the flu and it came around and hit me again. I've only been posting in Chit Chat to keep up.

    I don't have the link for the videos on You Tube but if you search there for protein shapes, it should bring up a number of videos which demonstrate how proteins change shape in order to do their jobs. The info on which shapes comes from our brains. That's why the injections work in the brain.

    Love, Mikie
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    Ohhh. Ok, I will tell Brother and he will look it right up. Thanks!!!

    Hope you feel better!! I had a virus for two weeks. Lot better now.