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    I am going to post my little package of stuff I do. I am not suggesting this is the way to go, but it all works when I do it and maybe if I post it, I'll do it all more often.

    Part 1 -- Nutrition

    Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy by Walter C. Willet, M.D.
    The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating,
    Co-developed with the The Harvard Medical School of
    Public Health -- 2001, Simon and Schuster

    One thing I love about men is that they know how to eat and drink with total abandon. It makes sense to me, then, that medical men working on nutrition would never be able to advise a diet that they couldn't find a way to enjoy themselves.

    This is a one-size-fits-all guide.

    You can cut out the new food pyramid on page 17 and stick in on the refrigerator (with a stunning little magnet you picked out after an hour of shopping for one on meds). Then just put the book on your bookshelf and display that you are on the bleeding edge of knowledge.

    Or, you can plow through the technical details, and they are all in there, every single one. Then let me know who you are and I'll put you on my links list as a resource, since I didn't read the whole thing.

    Fibromyalgia has a way of letting you know when it is time to give up something. I backed off the muscle cramps when I gave up sugar. Aaack, did I just say I gave up sugar? *thwack!* I mean, I "know" that sugar triggers muscle cramps.

    Over the long haul, I have given up certain food groups, pizza was first. But now I have cornered my bad eating into one time zone -- breakfast. When I have to give that up, I think it will be easier if I already am conditioned to not crave it over the entire 24 hour span.

    Since my illness will let me know when to cut it out, I don't stress about it any more.

    For breakfast, I step into heaven. I even go to bed early some nights.

    I could just say I have a coffee and roll, but it sounds better to say:

    I grind my own coffee beans. I cannot endure the sputtering and long wait for a coffee machine. In 1996, I bought a Bunn home coffee machine. Bunn is the company that makes the coffee machines in every truck stop in the nation. If the waitress says, "More coffee? I just put a pot through," you just smile and feel all snuggly. You know it will just be seconds.

    The home version is the same. It includes a separate container to pour the water in. You don't have time to use the coffee pot, it will start pouring out all over your counter. Is it worth it? Maybe not for a week or so, but after six years, I say, "Oh, yea!"

    I have a coffee cup that is oversized (blush) so I can say I only have one cup a day. I keep a couple flavors of pseudo-cream in the refrig -- this morning it was French Vanilla.

    My "roll" is whatever designer muffin catches my eye. These are the ones to drool over but never buy because you get, like, four for six bucks! I couldn't stand it any more. This morning I had a "cappacino chip" muffin. It is possible to cut one in half and eat it over two mornings, but that is still just a theory around here.

    Then I do the boring stuff the rest of the day.

    I juice oranges and other fruit, not because I like to fuss with the juicer (ugh!) but because this illness makes me so finicky. I wore myself out eating oranges and comparing each one to the last one and to all the ones I ever ate. Puh.

    To avoid that, and to lose the angst of opening the refrigerator and deciding if stuff has been in there more than three days and if it is stll good, I just juice it.

    Mealwise, I think salad, when iceberg lettuce isn't $1.98 a head. I use salad as a lazy catch all so I don't have to cook. I add whatever I'm craving on the good food list: nuts (sautee pecans in a little butter, yum), cheese, meat, olives, artichokes, ... whatever. The whole grain thing is still a bit of a mystery, but I do like tabouli salad and I sautee beans in either butter or oil, with herbs and either fresh lime or fresh lemon juice.

    Haagen das, optional.

    Part 2: the bed, how to get comfy in it and how to get out of it in the morning.