Starting guaifenesen treatment and have a question

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    Hi, Guai Users:

    I saw my doctor yesterday and am going to start the guai treatment a week from this Friday. That is when I will start working half days (mornings) until fall. I figure if I have a really bad flare up at the beginning, at least I will only have to sweat through half a day. He is starting me on 600 mg. for a few days and then I will go up to 1200 mg. (if I can tolerate that). My doctor said that most of his patients continue working while on the treatment.

    I asked my doctor how many of his patients are on this program and he said only 15. He said a lot of patients don't want to try it since it is strict and you have to be so religious about avoiding sals, but I figure the worse that can happen is nothing. At this point I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The thing is, he doesn't advertise that he does the guai treatment. I only found out by researching it myself (reading the book) and also found out that he was a doctor who did the treatment. And here I have been a patient of his for about ten months now. I have sometimes felt that the last several years I have had to be my own doctor.

    Anyway, on to my questions. I mentioned to my doctor yesterday about having to be careful when gardening to not get any dirt on me to avoid sals. He said it wasn't the dirt so much, but the juices from the plants themselves. So I will wear gloves (rubber ones that juices can't get through). After I left his office I wondered about handling all fruits and vegetables. If I eat an apple or cut lettuce for a salad or whatever, should I always wear gloves? It seems like I would have to.

    He wrote me a prescription for the guai which is good for me since I have prescription insurance so it won't cost me much. But it seems that I have heard others here that they got it without a prescription. Maybe what I'm getting is different from what they were?

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    Good for you. I have never worn gloves while handling veggies or fruit, even the herbs I harvest from my own herb garden for cooking. You doc is right that it is the plants themselves which produce the sals against invasion from bacteria in the soil. Now, if one thinks about the fact that there are bacteria in soil, it makes sense to wear gloves when digging in soil.

    If it were me, I would stay on the 600 mgs. for a couple of weeks instead of days. Many, many people flare at 600 mgs but it may take a bit. If you would have cycled at 600 and go to 1200, you may get the flare from hell. There is no hurry as this is such a long-term treatment. Also, once you establish your correct dose, you can increase it at your discretion to speed things up. This is what I did and eventually went to 2400 mgs. When I switched from 1200 to 1800, I flared so bad I had to go back and try again later. Later, it worked. also, when on 1800 mgs., I started taking 1200 in the morning and 600 at night. I flared from just rebalancing my dose. It makes sense because we pee more during the day and our kidneys probably need the Guai more than at night.

    Only about a month ago, I thought I was about 3/4 reversed. Now, I can find no tender spots and have no pain, so I think the last of the deposits got out of Dodge fast. Using the rule of thumb, since I've been sick 12 years, it should have taken 24-36 months to reverse. If I am indeed reversed, it's taken 24 months but probably would have taken longer had I not increased the dose.

    Good luck to you and keep us updated.

    Love, Mikie