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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rickj44, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. rickj44

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    I was on Cymbalta and still am but i feel its not working,at the start i did have some pain relief, so thought i would try Mirapex 0.25 mgs.. start with one at night and can increase to 3 at night, i read some feel it takes about 4.5 mgs before you get any pain relief.

    When i lay down it just plain hurts, like the nerves are on the outside of my skin, the only way i can get too sleep , is to lay on a heating pad, that defers the pain enough, but then it shuts off after one hrs, so every hour i turn it back on... i am hoping i can find something that will work.
  2. luigi21

    luigi21 Member

    Can identify, yep sometimes the pain feels like all the nerves have been yanked out of you and are left raw, skin bruised, tossing and turning cant sleep, yep i fall asleep with my heat pad too. hope the medication works, i tried it wasnt gelling with me, but everyone's different so give it a go. i use a combination of meds, exercise and heat

    best wishes to you
  3. rickj44

    rickj44 Member

    i took one pill last night and about 30 mins later, got a headache, part of the side effects.. it was not a real bad one but last all night tell about 10 maybe split the pill in half...

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