starting new pain meds, would love advice

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    I am trying to come off of methadone.
    its very painful for me to go down on my miligrams.

    right now I'm in a methadone clinic for drug addicts.
    what happen to me is a long story.

    after years of being on different pain medications and suffering.
    my doctor put me on kadian and perocet.

    this saved my life, I was bed ridden before this and now was so much better, I could go back to work.

    anyway, my doc went on maternity leave, and the covering doctor would not refrill my scripts.

    so I not only became bed ridden from pain again, but was going through horrible withdrawels.
    so I went to a rehab hospital and they gave me methadone

    after being released from the hospital I went to a methadone clinic so I could continue with the methadone to continue to be pain free.

    but I don't belong there, its a terrible situation, I can't even go out of town without their permission. I'm treated no better then a herion addict. but that's a whole different story.

    I saw a pain specialist.
    he told me he couldn't help me until I get done to 40 miligrams of the methadone.

    I was on 80 miligrams but have gone done to 73, now I'm in a lot of pain. it hurts more and more with each milgram I go down.

    he told me he would give me some medications to help me to go down on the methadone.
    I'm nervous about taking them

    First he gave me 750mgs of mehocarbamol, I didn't want to take it because I read that soma is better for pain, that's what I have now.
    now he gave me
    nortriptyline 10mg 3 x daily
    and baclofen 10mg tabs take up to four at bedtime.

    night time for me is so painful, I miss resting without pain
    the soma helps me to have this until around five in the morning, then I wake up hurting so bad.
    but the soma knocks me out, I'm hoping that when I go down off the methadone that this will not happen.

    I also gained 20 pounds since being on the methadone and wonder if these meds will do the same.

    any suggestions would be well appreciated
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    Dr. Teitelbaum says that muscle fibro pain is an energy shortage condition from damaged mitochondria. It takes more energy to relax a muscle than to relax one. Dead body is often refered to as a "stiff" rigor mortis.

    Ribose is a pentose sugar that helps feed the broken mitochondria. It doesn't cure but is a "crutch" if you will. It may buy you some time to get well.

    Dr. T recommends, 5 grams 3X a day, until it kicks in 4 days - 2 weeks, the 2X day for maintenance.

    Ribose does not support fermentation so it won't feed Candida.
  3. NewEnglander

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    I never heard of ribose,
    but will look into it thanks.

    I also forgot to say what my diagnoisis is, I don't know if that would make a difference or not but its fibro, plus degenerate disc disease in one of the disc in my neck and arthritis.
    anyway, that was what I was told after the examination and exrays.
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    For degenerative arthritis, my wife has had good success with Glucosamine and MicroLactin. The European studies had results starting with 3 grams of glucosamine. Walmart (Sam's) sells a liquid variety of it. It takes 4-6 wks to see results. It does rebuild the cartiledge. It is a glyconutrient so it may be stopping a virus that causes this form of arthritis.

    MicroLactin is new but a few pilot studies were encouraging.

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    I read all I could find on Dr. Berkson and his LDN usage. Who is going to do this for you and how do you get started.
    I am very much interested in this as I am hoping it will regenerate the walls of my intestines like it does for other organs. When I had my hysterectomy it was because my uterus was attached to my intestines via adhesions from 5-repeat c-sections. Not a pretty sight. Anyway that is my hope.
    Please keep me posted.
  6. NewEnglander

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    thanks for all the imput