starting PERRICONE protocol /1/07 anyone want to join me?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sascha, Dec 27, 2006.

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    i am commiting to Perricone regimen for one month; then will assess my progress.

    I have CFIDS and from what i've learned about Perricone eating program, it may help me on symptoms that drag me down.

    one thing he mentions is repair of mitochondrial damage, and i suspect this may play major part in my CFIDS symptoms.

    also, following this regimen will get me eating much more healthily. it eliminates the bad sorts of things i get into (chocolate, refined carbs, sugar, empty calories too much fat).

    it is a weight-loss diet, which i want also, but most importantly it may improve my health.

    it's a commitment that takes planning and preparation, but i'm going for it for one month, and would love to find others who want to go for it (health and weight-loss) also. we could compare notes after a month.

    i am basing my plan on Dr.Perricone's book, 'The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet.' it has a 14-day list of menus which i intend to follow as best i can. And, i found a nearby Nordstrom's that carries the supplements he recommends (weight management packets, astaxanthin, glutamine, and cod liver oil capsules)

    he is very persuasive in his talks on public television programs- talking about inflammation as being at the root of many poor plhealth conditions. the approach he advocates is all about reversing inflammation through eliminating foods that cause it, plus incorporating anti-oxidants into the diet through foods and supplements.

    anyone care to join in?? we could check in through this Board and see if bad symptoms are being alleviated- plus see about the weight loss aspect-


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