Starting Porch Light Volume # 641 !!

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    To those who may have read this before and know the situation, I put in the incorrect Volume #630 first and the Moderator Nanie changed it to the correct number OF 641 at my request. PLEASE EXCUSE THE CONFUSION !! God only knows where I got the number 630 from - duh :confused:

    THANK YOU DAR. I think I also confused myself completely and thought Rock had started this thread but it was me. He started the one before.

    I can't believe that volume went so fast. So nice to see everyone including Joan/Lilac who we haven't seen in a little while. You will also find Dar, Rock, I think Spring Water and Windy on the last Porch volume..

    I couldn't get on most of the day for some reason. I got to the PH board but not to the Forums. It said there was something going on or not going on, on the message boards. However, it does look like others have posted today but not sure when.

    Nothing to new here . Just did some washing and trip to the grocery store with DH Tomorrow will be a busy day and will start bright and early at the chiro - early for a regular adustmentj as also a massage chair or something or another. I'll find out tomorrow.. Glad DH gets up early so he can make sure I am up in time.

    Loved reading all your posts on the last volume. I still can't believe that it was #29 on the old volume so quickly, Sorry I didn't get to mention everyone personally today. I seemed like I spend a lot of the day trying to get on the boards and just now made it, after dinner.

    Dar - I loved to hear you talk about your kitties. I would love a cat but DH is not into kitties that much and it is true if you get a doggie esp and need to go someplace you need to find someone to take care of them or put them in a kennel. Animals are also pretty expensive nowadays but they are wonderful pets and can be great companions.

    Joan - I know how much you loved Maggie and miss her so much. She was such a part of your life.

    Julie - Hope you are doing OK and have rested a bit from your probably busy weekend.

    Lots of love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  2. Darrae

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    Hi Granni!

    Found ya! Sometimes I get lost in all these threads. I figured it'd be #641. Aha! #630! Hey, those massage chairs are nice. My chiro has one. Kitties have always been a part of my life since childhood. They are my unconditional love in life. However, you have DH. And you don't even have to clean out the litter box! LOL


    Glad you're back. I really do know how much you miss Maggie. Some friends just cannot be replaced. We mourn them and they are never forgotten. We hold their memories close. Love to you Lilacs.

    Rock, Spring, Windy, Julie, Soul, Sunny, and anyone I failed to mention, be well, peace find you, dance as if no one were watching and sing as if no one were listening!

    Love to All,
  3. Granniluvsu

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    Dar- and everyone who read my post before, I edited this post on the top and the number on the top of the subject for a the volume is incorrect - again - duh !! The correct number is 641 and NOT 630. Where did I even get the stupid number? That gets me so mad at myself - grrrr !! Thanks again Dar for catching the mistake.

    See even old timers on the board screw up - aaack !!!

    Just wanted to tell you all that it was me that screwed it up and if you think the number is incorrect you are RIGHT !!!

    It would make it so much easier for all if the person writing the post could edit their subject line or delete it.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Don't get discombobulated, Granni. I never know what day it is or what the date is (even though I
    look at the computer calendar every morning). The whole world gets more confusiating every day.
    To quote William James, one of the world's first psychologists, to a baby, the world is a "blooming,
    buzzing, confusion." Apparently I have become a baby again.

    The head of our psychology dept. in college was a great admire of James. Strange that he always
    misquoted a three-word phrase. He said "booming" instead of "blooming".

    A massage chair sounds nice. I've seen them for sale at street fairs and such. Might be a problem if
    it turned out to be defective. Be hard to return it to the store.

    Joan, glad you were up to posting. Dar, I'd like to be a great singer, but I would want the whole
    world to listen. Did you know that Placido Domingo, who is my age, has gotten too old to sing
    tenor anymore, so he's now singing baritone? Well, he started out singing baritone in Spanish
    operettes about half a century ago.

    I tried to post earlier today. Lost my post due to my non-functioning brain and fingers. Guess I'll
    go before my post goes puff and I go postal. Ha Ha!

  5. Mikie

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    Hi, Granni, even with my moderator powers, I cannot change the title of the thread. I hate that. You know what--I think we should just start counting again from 630. Most of us won't even notice nor care. It's up to you. We can do that or go to 641 next time. I am using Foxfire or Firefox or whatever it is because Explorer is having one of its little hissy fits this morning. I wasn't here yesterday.

    I told ya, Rock, if he wants to sing tenor again, he just needs tighter undies. Tighter tidy whities ;) I can't sign any more at all. I stopped singing around the house when I got so sick. Now, I can't even carry a tune and my voice sounds like a cat with it's tail caught in a fan. If I ever have the time and energy, I'm going to get my keyboard out and practice scales.

    Went to condo mtg. and there wasn't one. Pres. is out of town and mgr. is too busy trying to get our checks ready so we can pay bills. I had two memos for her so I could get reimbursed for money I have spent on our assn. and another request to our atty. regarding the newly sold unit in our bldg. So, I dropped by her office and left them off.

    Then, had to go to Lowe's to get batteries for our emergency lights. Well, I put them in and they don't work so it's obvious that I need to get new light fixtures. Sooooo, it's back to Lowe's this morning. The fixture has changed or I'd put the new ones up myself. I've asked to have the electrician call me to set up a time. As it was, I was out in the heat and humidity trying to change out those batteries yesterday and felt sick. If it were in the winter, I'd likely do it myself. I have limited electrical skills. The fire dept. comes around on a schedule and if our lights don't work, we get written up and have to get them fixed.

    As long as I was out, I decided to stop at Bed Bath & Beyond to look for more soft, satiny pillowcases. I had a pair from Target but they don't sell them anymore. I sleep soooo much better on those cases but am wearing them out washing them all the time. I've looked everywhere for new ones. Well, I found some at BB&B but for what a pair of std. cases cost, you could buy a whole set of sheets on sale on HSN or QVC. I did have a 20 percent coupon but they were still expensive. I hesitated and then thought, "What price can one put on a good night's sleep?" That's my story and I'm stickin' to it ;)

    I also found some little carved blue and cream seashell napkin holders and some matching napkins. They look beautiful on my new beige tablecloth with white shells on it. I've decided to keep with summer til Oct. 1st. The only fall decoration I have up is my door wreath. My summer one with the seashells on it was losing shells. I have to repair it. I love fall decorations but they stay up a long time. I'm not ready to let go of my beach decor just yet.

    I was up sick in the middle of the night so took 1/2 a mg. of Special K and went back to sleep. I was late getting out to feed Simon. When I opened the door, Tweety was on the Balcony, leaning out between rails, and giving Simon a threatening look. I threw her inside and put his breakfast out for him. He looked so grateful to be rescued. She usually stays at Jeff's because he feeds the cats just before he leaves for work. Tweety has figured out that Simon is here early and she can come and cause trouble for him. She's a pill. She came inside and ate and got high playing with her catnip mousie. I put her back out after Simon ate.

    Yesterday, Sylvester limped over in front but looked just too tired to climb the stairs. I took a bowl of milk down for him and he drank a lot. This heat, and the pain in his paw, keeps him from coming up. I've been putting a bowl of food down in the bushes for the cats and the birds are leaving it alone. Tweety eats and then covers it up so the other cats can't eat. I don't know why she is so ornery.

    With Barb back and the weather cooler, there is usually one of us outside. Well, the jays let us know, in no uncertain terms, that they don't like it. Every now and then, one of them will land in our shade tree and squak in a voice which can be heard all over the hood. We were sitting out last night and a red-headed wookpecker lit on a branch right in front of us.

    To all the Porchies I didn't address individually, I wish you all a wonderful, pain-free day.

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi everyone,

    Nanie (the moderator) changed the number for me so we don't have to count backwards ( Mikie) :)!! I sent a note to the Moderators last night and I see that they ( or Nanie to be exact) changed the number to 641 . So that problem is taken care of. Glad she could do that.

    DH needs the computer so need to leave and then go to the Chiropractor. Then have to rush home so DH can have the car for his meeting.

    I would think that it would be easier for the Moderators if the poster could do the changing, they have so much else to contend with. I guess we should be happy that we can edit the posts.

    BTW, heard from Julie and the little ones are sick so she is really busy . David is gone for I forget how long, maybe just during the days, I have forgotten.

    Will try and get back later after I get back from the chiro.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Dear Granni,

    Don't feel bad at all! I come into work on a regular basis, look at the calendar, note the day and date, go to the P.A. System to make the first announcement of the day, and darned if half the time I don't get one or the other wrong anyhow! Good thing I work where I work. The residents just laugh and ask me when I plan to rent my room! LOL

    Hi Rock,

    I once had a beautiful voice. I sang in chorus all the way through school, sang in church choir for years, sang in coffee houses, and sang at weddings and such. I used to love to sing. That is how one could tell when I was happy. I sang.

    My first boyfriend heard me over the phone one day, (I forgot for a few minutes he was on the other end when I put it down to go to do something), and he thought it was my radio. He wanted to know who the artist was. LOL He thought it was Mary Hopkin. She sang "Those Were The Days" back in the early 70's. He went out and bought me her album so I could hear what she sounded like.

    When I got sick, somewhere along the line, my vocal chords changed. Now I can't sing anymore. It was a passion I sorely miss. Now, when I open my mouth to hit a high note, nothing comes out but air. I did not know that Placido Domingo changed from tenor to baritone. I can still sort of sing the lower notes on a good day. But, alas, it is not the same.


    You slay me! LOL Tighty Whitey's. How funny. Really think it would help? Maybe I could get my soprano voice back! :D

    Loves to all
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    Mikie: I would be willing to bet that Simon is a neutered male. They become very docile and really sweet. We've had several males and they're wonderful. BUT.....a lot of females are just plain nasty.......unless they've had kittens. I've got 2 up tight females right now going on 8 years. My grandkids can't get near them because they'll reach out to swipe them. Several times they've gotten badly scratched. If they're in the mood I can pet them but only for a short period of time.

    Granni. Is your DH retired? You've mentioned meetings or need to use the computer.....does he work from home?
    My husband, almost 73, is kinda planning retirement in dec. OMG will I live with this passive aggressive ALL the time????? If I didn't have so much daily pain or fatigue I would be out of this house all day long.

    Dar: I always loved to sing, sang in several choral groups in HS and college or.......piano bars. (I'm an alto) I lost my voice years and years ago. I think it happens because FM is a disease of the muscles, and our vocal chords are muscles.

    It's hot and humid in so. calif. UGH. I can't stand summer anymore and actually enjoy the cold weather. I think it's because I'm hot all the time even when we went years ago to Yellowstone in Feb. I was opening the windows of the hotel room to cool off, watching the snowplow go by. That was on my "bucket list" to visit in the winter. I've got a lot on my list but as months and years go by I just can't mark off anything on the list. I wish I had started this list at least 30 years ago.
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Sunflower, et al - DH is retired yes, and he works in a sense to try and make some money while at home. He is not what you call a day trader in stocks but has to do a lot of checking sometimes, especially with this crazy economy. We are just trying to keep what we have or try to make a little bit. He is just checking our stocks , not that we have that much money believe me. Hope things don't get a lot worse. If so we may have to move and neither of us want to do that. It is hot and humid here too !!! I don't particularly love the heat but I like it a lot more than the cold. My body doesn't do well in it.

    Dar - sorry you lost your voice. That is bad when you love it and can't do it any more. I can still sing but my voice has changed some also. I don't have the clear range I used to have. When I go low I crack and don't have much voice. I also have post nasal drip besides FM. Thanks for boosting my morale again after my boo boo with the volume number. We could use an alto in our small group. To bad you don't live closer, then we would have to work on getting your voice back (vocal exercises) - a little at a time) .

    Mikie - "Your" kitty stories are so funny. Not sure who has who trained :)!!

    Just wanted to pop in again for a bit to see how our Porchies are doing today.

    Hope JULIE is doing OK helping out Lindsay and the family with sick babies. Hope she doesn't get sick too.

    Love to swl,
    Granni :)
  10. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Sun,

    I figured it had something to do with the FM. It's weird, the odd things we lose. I just know that now, it actually hurts sometimes when I try to sing. I have to stop. I miss it so much. I'll bet you do too. So sorry it happened to you as well. If you were anything like me, it was a "happy making" thing.


    I'd give almost anything to have my voice back. I wish we did live closer. I'd let you coach my vocal chords anytime.
    Thanks for the up-lift.


    I think maybe Sun may be onto something with the neutered male theory. My Bombay is neutered and he's a complete loverboy. My female siamese is fixed and has been a "biter" ever since. And, she hates children. One must always be careful not to let her too near the face. She almost took out my eye one day. One fang in my top eyelid and one in the skin underneath. Thank God I saw it coming and closed my eyes.

    Funny part is, (I know this sounds awful) :( , but for biting me like that---I grabbed her and bit her squarely on her ear! She hasn't bitten my face since! But you still cannot trust her. Though she's mellowed with her years. She hasn't offered me more than a love-bite in several years now. And she lets me nuzzle her face and head without offering to bite anymore.


    Hope all is going well with you helping with the kids. Stay well dear one.


    Hope you're feeling ok.

    Love to all
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    Joan - so happy to see you post. Been wondering why you haven't been
    On. I wanted to tell you u i miss Hobbes too. I still can't talk about him
    without tearing up.

    But the pain is definitely much less now. Thank goodness for Father
    Time and his healing powers.

    Dar - I laughed hearing about how u forgot your b/f was on the phone
    when u left for a moment. Kind of thing, I'm doing more n more often.
    Yesterday, I left the stove on for half n hour, forgot after making me self tea.

    Rock - a massage chair is a thing to dream about, like a foreign holiday or something.
    Right now, there's more chances of me going to the moon, than acquiring one.
    Our currency has devalued ,just nosedived, and inflation rocketed.

    Granni - thank you for opening the porch. Isn't it wonderful to get so many
    Lovely new visitors here sharing some great stories? Remember when it was just
    you, me, n Julie at one time? Lol. Illness, work, circumstances having taken some
    regulars like Elaine, Joan, Jole, Georgia, Teacher out for a while?

    Julie - thoughts with you, yet again coping with kiddies illness. Take care
    of yourself too.

    Sunflower - I love that you and Dar sang. Definitely the arty creative type soul, i
    M thinking about you.

    Windytalker - glad to hear you have a nice house n $ in the bank. That is always
    Reassuring. These times are such. It's nice to feel sort of secure. They say
    Money doesn't buy Happiness, I don't know. I find it sure buys a large chunk of
    Peace of mind.
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - sorry to hear you were ill in the night. Hope you feel better now. I love the
    sound of yr home..the way you do it up for seasons. That napkin holder sounded
    beautiful, cream n blue sea shells...and the sea out there...

    I've been housebound mostly, making sprints out to do groceries, or run
    errands when there's someone here to look after house. I was so fatigued, I didn't even
    hv energy to take my bath. I'd do a chore, and run out of steam by time
    I wanted to take my bath, ugh! But I did yesterday, nice lingering bath.

    With a nice lemony soap, tangy n fresh. Citrus is the fragrance I most
    prefer. I mean citrus fruity smells. I hv a scent called Green Tea Scent
    by Elizabeth Arden, which I love.

    I hv not done meditation for couple weeks now...I really need to resume.

    Take care, all

    God bless
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good morning everyone,

    Granni, I got started late learning the new forum and am not nearly as competent as the other mods. I'm still learning it, or not learning it as the case may be. Glad you got your title fixed.

    Sunfllower, Simon isn't neutered so he may be feral but then, there are still a lot of people who don't have their animals neutered. He has a full set :) He has always been a big strong cat but this last year, he has slowed down a bit. No one can get near him. I think he is taking a big chance getting as close to Jeff and me as he has. Still, we can't touch him. He keeps a safe distance. I've also noticed that he is ever vigilant, looking all around to make sure he is safe. That has to take its toll on him.
    Rock, sorry you lost your post. I thought I was the only one that happens to.

    Dar, I have decided to get my keyboard out and practice voice scales to see whether I can ever still sing. I used to sing every day, just for my own pleasure. When I got sick, I stopped. Now, I can't carry a tune in a bucket. Yes, some cats have strange little things they do and some can be quite unpredictable. My neighbor has a Maine Coon who isn't friendly to anyone but she climbed up on the sofa and snuggled up to me. I guess the word is out in the cat nation that I'm a softie for kitties.

    Springwater, thanks for your sweet good wishes. I did feel soooo much better when I got up after taking 1/2 pill of Special K in the middle of the night so I could get back to sleep. I slept til 5:30 this morning. As almost always, Simon was waiting for his breakfast. Yes, I do like to make little changes for the seasons, even though our weather isn't seasonal. I always say we have two seasons--hot 'n hotter. I love shells and all things beachy. I have them everywhere. I hope you are feeling better. I hate it when I'm too tired to do much of anything.

    Julie, hope the kids are feeling better. Allergies down here are brutal. I've had to take my Corcidin every day. Our melaleuca trees are blooming and, with all the rain we've had, there are a lot of mold spores in the air.

    Ever had one of those days that went 180 degrees from what you had planned? I had coffee yesterday on the Balcony with Barb and our friend, Bee. He reminds me of you, Rock, and he always elevates the conversation. DD called from Atlanta as we were winding down our coffee klatch and we talked for an hour. I had just hung up from her and another neighbor called with a water emergency and wanted to know if I had a wet 'n dry vac.

    She explained what had happened and I told her I thought I knew exactly what had happened. I took the vac over and got all the water out of the overflow box under her water heater. I turned off her A/C and, sho 'nuff, it was icing over and the condensation was causing it to turn off and on and drip down onto the water heater. I went outside and sucked out the overflow drain and had her put some bleach down the overflow trough inside. That fixed the problem. Her coils are dirty but she said the A/C guy was scheduled to come out and would clean them so it would quit icing up.

    As long as I was there, I sucked out all eight overflow pipes outside for their bldg. Several people borrow my vac and suck out those pipes once a year. Down here, people really should get a maintenance check every year on their A/C's but many don't. Well, I was a sweaty mess by the time I got through and had splattered that dirty water from the pipes all over myself. It is full of fungi so I came home and took a shower post haste.

    I had only planned on going to Lowe's to buy new emergency lights for outside. They light up the stairway when the bldg.'s power goes off. The fire dept. came out and tested them and wrote us up to get them fixed. I had bought new batteries but it was the fixtures. Of course, the day before I was a sweaty mess from taking those fixtures apart to change the batteries. Stuff like this only happens when it's so hot outside.

    When I went back to Lowe's, they had no fixtures and Barb and I had to drive way down to Estero to buy them at that Lowe's. We, of course, got lost but finally found the place. That whole area is so wooded and the neighborhoods are mixed in with the stores so that if you don't know just where to go, you are up a creek. Fortunately, it was a nice summer day for a drive.

    We stopped at Barb's ATM drive through to get money for her. It's on my side so I always do it for her. Everything went fine until I reached for the cash and the ATM sucked it back inside. We had to go into the bank and file a claim. It took a while but all worked out in the end. By the time we got home, we were ready for a drink. I had a very light gin 'n tonic. I see the pee doc tomorrow. I'm doing really well and have so much more energy now that the UTI is almost gone. I do think another week of ABX will be necessary, though, to get rid of it completely.

    Simon came for his dinner last night. He usually goes to Jeff's and eats in the bushes. It was a big step forward for him to come up to the Balcony in daylight to eat. That shows he has some trust for me. His beautiful blue eyes are so bright in the daylight. What a handsome little guy.

    I plan on having coffee this morning on the Balcony with Barb and Bee and, I think, our pal, Nancy (the one with the A/C problem) and her dog, Chewy. I haven't taken down the gold foil stars and streamers I had put up to scare the crows. Everyone seems to like them and the movement in the breeze is good Feng Shui Chi. Other than that, I have no plans. Just thought I'd veg but we all knows what happens to the best laid plans of mice and men (and me too :)

    I'm ready for a more normal day. The electrician will be calling me when they have time to do our little job, putting up the emergency light fixtures. I told them it was fine to just call me when they finish one of their bigger jobs and have time to do ours. So, they may show up today but other than that, I'm ready for a restful day.

    I'm hoping for a restful for everyone else too.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good Morning everydobby !!

    Just have time for a quick hi to awl before DH gets home and I need to live for the chiro.. So glad to see so many here on the Porch and the boards. As Spring said ( I think) we were kind of talking to ourselves thee for awhile. We do miss some of our old friends and hope they do pop up soon again. However, we do love all our new Porchies, Loungers, and those that lurk and post on the other boards here on PH.

    Mikie - It is great to be able to say you or I have no plans for the day. It is great to get out occasionally but it can be overdone as you all know. DH even doesn't want me to go to choir practice for awhile due to the chiro treatments. I still have two other groups that I sing in. One is during the day and the other not sure if I will be singing in the Christmas program or not. That time of year has way to many conflictions some of them involve DH so there can be some problem trying to please both of us. ):

    Sounds like you will have a nice restful day MIKIE. Hope it turns out that way for you. Hope the electricians can come soon and fix your little problems. I know what you mean about seasons. Texas may be close to Florida. It is HOT or WARM most of the time which is really good for me. The winter isn't usually to bad and if we get a flake or two of snow people just go crazy with joy or fear of a wreck.

    Julie - Glad to see you girl. Please try and take care of yourself and try not to get to worn down and sick yourself.
    Try and rest a little yourself. You cannot afford to get sick yourself. Sorry the babies are feeling so grumpy and find it hard to sleep. When the little ones are ill even with allergies etc, poor mama doesn't get any sleep either, OR GRANDMA. Come back and visit when you can sweetie.

    Dar and Sun - so sorry you both lost your voices or at least to some extent. That could be and I am sure is frustrating to you both. I call singing me THERAPY. It is fun and tries to keep me from concentration on the pain, etc. I feel most of the time. I know it could be helpful to you too. However, I know you both are coping, as we all do. Dar, I think you have had it (FM) for a long time too. You both however, have good attitudes and good senses of humor so that is a great help too.

    Missing all our MIA's and love every one of you that I have not addressed.

    Granni :)
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni, yes, TX is like us. We do get some what we call cold weather here sometimes in the winter, like Jan. It'll get down to 40 degrees and even freezing at night. I love it when that happens.

    Everyone showed for coffee this morning and even an extra neighbor and her dog. He loves to come to the Balcony and get his Beggin Strips. He's so cute. Electrician called and stopped by. He installed one fixture and it didn't work. We went around to where the main breakers are and the main breaker for the bldg. was corroded. For some time, the sprinkler guy let the sprinklers sprinkle our electrical boxes. We didn't notice because they are on the side of the bldg. Well, when the breaker for one unit went bad, we discovered the problem. We now have a big sign on the box that no water from the sprinkler system is to touch the boxes. Still, the old damage catches up with us now and then. So, the guy put in the new fixtures and will have to return tomorrow with the main breaker switch. The old fixtures were getting brittle so I just figured we'd go ahead and replace them now while the guy is here. They only last outside for about five years before the heat and humidity destroy the circuits inside.

    The cats' Baby Daddy has a woman in his bldg. who hates the cats. She filed a complaint that they clawed her car and scratched it. He called me in a fit of worry and said she may make us get rid of the cats. I calmed him down. He's not in the best of health and stress really makes him sick. I told him if it came to that, he could transfer guardianship of the cats to me. Then, if this whacko woman complains, he can tell her the cats aren't his and she'll have to deal with me. I don't need the stress either but I can deal with her better.

    I walked down to the dumpster and there was the car. It's not even her car, it was backed in illegally and it has no parking tags or sticker. So, she has no standing since it's not her car and it's illegally parked here. In fact, it can be stickered to be towed. I took pics of it and sent it to the mgmt. co. Basically, we are trying to stall until she focuses her anger somewhere else. I called Jeff and he is soooo relieved on all fronts.

    A couple of nights back, I was in bed praying and said, "Lord, I feel as though all I do is get up and go to bed. I feel as though I need some purpose in life." I told my friends that tonight, I'm going to ask God if I can take it back :( Be careful what y'all pray for. After yesterday and today, I feel as though I've had all the purpose I can handle.

    I came inside and fixed myself a roast beef sandwich wrapped in big lettuce leaves with no bread but a little sliced tomato. It was delicious without the dry GF bread. Now, I'm going to relax for a while. Still feeling energetic so am grateful for that. I can't imagine taking on all this if I were dragging. Seeing the pee doc tomorrow morning. Getting my teeth cleaned on Mon. That takes care of things until Oct. when I get my eyes checked. If I can keep on feeling this well, I hope to be able to work out over in the pool. I need some sun.

    Hope everyone is having a restful day and not as complicated as mine have been the last couple of days.

    Love, Mikie
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    If I live to be 70 I will never understand....(insert just about anything starting with the font).
    I remember when my middle aged coworkers used to discuss retirement. Several commented that
    it would be boring, what would they do, etc. I figured as long as I could read and listen to music,
    I would never be bored. But I sure never imagined being this illish. My back has been
    much better this past week. Last night I was lying in bed and turned my head to reach for a book.
    Got a zap of pain in my neck. Now that's bothering me. Uff-da! Well, I guess it's all one spine;
    all one body. Our big toe is connected to our eyeballs.

    The cat scratched the car? Oh, come now! Cats may scratch the furniture or claw the drapes.
    There is no records of a cat ever clawing a car. Unless you count lions who were after the tourists
    who were sightseeing on the Serengeti Plains. According to the attorney representing the lions,
    they were not actually after the tourists. They were trying to escape the Masai warriors.

    Uff-da! I am having so much trouble typing, I think I will come back later. Note: Variations
    in the font are due to forces above and beyond the control of the keyboard operator.

    Additional note: No computers were harmed in the posting of this message although I did have
    urge to do so.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - Yeah, if you lived to be 70 - he he. We know that you and I are both past that . Sorry you are having trouble typing. I get to typing to fast and then if I don't watch they are full of typos or the line I am typing goes in the wrong place in the sentence, dumb computer. I need to check all the time or it will be a mess that no one can understand. Still like your jokes Rock !!! I know what you mean about these dumb computers. Sometimes I would love to throw it out the window or something. I know what you mean about these dumb pains that come and go. I have enough that I have all the time but then something else kicks in when you might think you are getting a bit of a break.

    Mikie - You need to get after that lady who was complaining about the cat scratching the car. Was she watching the cat do it? How does she know? Some people just like to complain. I wouldn't thing the cat, if it still had claws would be strong enough to take of the paint on the car anyway.

    Hi to Julie, Spring Water, Joan, Sunflower, Windy, Soul , Diane and everydobby else. Sorry if I missed someone. Need to go take a shower. DH is watching football and wants e to watch some. Not sure if I will or not. If so, not that much,needs to go .

    Stay well y'all ! TTYL !!

    Granni :)
  18. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi All!

    It's sorta late and I turn into a pumpkin soon. Gotta get up to go to work. It's so great to read all your posts! Rock, glad your back is better. Sorry about the neck. And, I agree....That would have had to have been one really big cat! You are so funny. Love your posts!

    To all, I am grateful for all the newfound friends I have made here. Bless and keep each and every one. Love and hugz. I'm sorry I have to hop off so soon. Humor is the best medicine! So they say. I love the doses here on the Porch. They taste better than my meds do. LOL

  19. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Just letting you all know I'm reading...great newsy posts.:)
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dar - I agree with your about the Porch and Lounge posts toots taste a lot better than our meds? Hope you had a good day today at work. I went to the chiro today and he gave me some more exercises to do daily besides that Denneroll. I have to laugh at that name cause the first time I saw it I thought of a dinner roll :)!!

    Windy - Hi there and hope you are having a good enough day today.

    HI To Julie, Mikie, Sun, Soul, Diane, and Spring Water - Hope you are all doing OK today. I know Diane is busy with her games. Got home late today after the chiro. and doing some exercises with DH at the gym, nothing strenuous let me tell you. More for flexibility and walking for my osteoporosis. Hope it will help my heart too.

    Julie - Hope you are taking care of yourself too while taking care of everyone else. Stay well my friend !

    So nice to see some great newcomers here too. I was getting a bit tired of talking to myself with Julie , Rock and Spring Water with a few others every now and then. Diane also popped in from Lounge too when feeling OK or not doing her games. Be back later. Off to exercise my neck and back - what fun ):!!

    Love and Hugz to awl,
    Granni :)