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    Hi, Kids,

    Rock and Granni, this woman ain't right, as we say in the south. She has a Jeckyl 'n Hyde personality and suffers bouts of rage. She gets drunk and sits outside on the steps yelling the f-word, all the time slurring her words. She's really a piece of work. Problem is that Jeff had a heart attack at 31 and can't tolerate stress. He asked me to take the cats and turn them into indoor cats. So far, so good; they've been sleeping all afternoon on the lanai. I'm more worried about when they need to use the litterbox (they've used one before and I showed them where theirs is here). Also, I'm concerned about tonight when they want to go out. We will continue to try to find a good responsible person to give them a good home inside as I really didn't want full-time inside cats. On the other hand, I love them so much that if they can acclimate to me, I can probably acclimate to them.

    I have to install an exit sign tomorrow (long story). Had the electrician out as we had a fairly major problem which he fixed. When he finished, there was power to the exit sign but it wasn't working. The life of any plastic fixture outside in this heat and humidity is about five to seven years. It wouldn't pay to have sent him to buy the fixture and come back nor for me to go buy it and have him out again. I installed the one outside my door and it wasn't difficult (famous last words :)

    As it was, I was on the way to the pee doc when he called about the exit sign. My old UTI infection has cleared up but I have a new bacterium so am on a new ABX. See him again in Sept. I never figured I'd be sick in retirement either. I pictured lying on the beach and reading. I wouldn't trade what I've learned from my experiences but I empathize with everyone who suffers from our illnesses. I'd rather be healthy but am ever optimistic that I will be eventually or, at least, hold the line. We just never know what life will bring. That's why I try to find something everyday to be thankful for. That said, however, I do whine a lot.

    Dar and Windy, hope to read more for you soon. I send my best wishes to all our Porchies.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I fixed tater tots today. Terribly tricky. Takes thoughtful, talented tenacity to
    triumph through to the termination. Anyhoo the package tells you 3 way to cook 'em. I chose
    a 4th; the microwave. Worked just swell.

    Mikie, I have been searching the net for some confirmation of your theory about tenor singing.
    For some reason, all the sites talk about breathing and the diaphragm andplacement of the
    larynx but nothing about tenorial underwear. Nevertheless, tenors do get a lot of ridicule. Largely
    because they deserve it.

    Most people in the opera business will tell you the reason tenors are so dumb is because they have
    all those sinus cavities in their head so the sound will resonate. No room for brains. Frances Alda,
    a famous soprano from new Zealand and a contemporary of Caruso titled her autobiography
    "Men, Women and Tenors."

    Like a lotta folks in show business, Frances was ambitious. She married the Director of the Metropolitan
    Opera. About half a century latter a German soprano married the head of Angel Records. And a
    decade of two after that, one of America's greatest sopranos married the head of RCA Records.
    And Australia's greatest soprano married her boyfriend and coach and made him her conductor no
    matter what opera house she sang in. Other singers often had disputes with conductors about the
    tempo, etc. She never had those problems.

    These women would have had great careers anyway because of their extraordinary talents, but
    a friendly tilt of the pinball machine is always helpful.

    Dar, you and your Siamese remind me of the relationship between Mable Stark and her tigers.
    Mable was a trainer/performer of lions and tigers. She said you can establish a comfortable relationship
    with lions, but the tigers were always dangerous.

    I first read about Mable (The Tiger Lady) in a Big Little Book when I was a kid. Twenty some
    years later I moved to California and saw her in Thousand Oaks, CA at a small exhibit that
    housed animals that were used in the movies. Mable died a few years later. A couple decades after
    that I read an adult bio of her. I also moved to Thousand Oaks, but the animal exhibit was gone
    and replaced by a parking lot. I taught my wife to drive a stick shift there.

    Was my wife more dangerous than big cat? Nah, she was an excellent driver.

    Mikie, ya know it was only a decade or so ago that I realized that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was a pun.

    Well, now I've exhaustenized my fingers so better go.

    Hugs to everydobby

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    tenorial underwear:p:D

    I'm sure you're read that Barbra Streisand refused to have her nose fixed because she felt it would ruin her gorgeous pipes.

    Granni. It does sound like dinner roll. I hope it's helping you. I have cervical and spinal stenosis. The doctor sent me for neck traction for the pain in my neck, hoping my spine would be stretched. I was doing fine until it was put in the wrong place. about pain coming back. I take tramadol along with the ibuprofen. Some day I'm OK and then there are the other ones. When I disappear you'll know the pain has gotten to me. Someone asked me about the FM.....I tell them FM is a walk in the park compared to the other @*&^% I have.

    Mikie: I'm upset about your poor kitties. I've read so much about them that I feel like I know them intimately. That woman is full of it! Just one nasty soul. And I feel for Jeff. Can the two of you share indoor duties? My cats are indoor cats, and I keep their two litter boxes in one unused bathroom. One does go outside during the day but the smaller one is afraid during the day but goes out when it's dark! Go figure. It's pretty easy to get them used to a litter box, I think cats will automatically use them if available.

    I've done a bit of nothing today. We have a friend of one of my sons visiting for the weekend from N. Carolina. He's organized the HS 20 year reunion and he's staying at our house. I gave him a key so he can come and go. It's so darn hot that I wonder how many people will show up for their reunion activities.
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    OMG Julie, I had a feeling you would be doing what I thought you would be doing - juggling and switching babies and trying to take care of everyone. I guess they are all feeling a little better and you are not sick. That is a plus for sure. Glad you got to at least get your hair done. I know when I do I feel a lot better especially in the summer when it is so hot. Although where you live it is probably not so HOT. Hope you do not need to work to often as home surely keeps you busy enough. Can't believe you were writing or posting about 2 a.m. this morning. How is Lorraine liking preschool? I am sure she love is. Is it at the school/church where you go and teach sometimes? Geez, I can't believe Keira went to that schoo most likely and now she is going to "big" school ( :!!! Geez, the kids grow so fast.

    Not to much going on here right now. Since it is Saturday I don't have any Chiropractic appts today. This week they were 3 in a row with the holiday and they also always close on Tuesday too. He also gave me some more exercises to do but they are on the website so I hade to try and print them out first before I cab do them, I just copied or wrote up the ones for the neck. Haven't even gotten to the back ones yet. I a supposed to do them daily. We will see about that one :)!! I seems to have more flexibility or it is getting better. However, the pain, pressure or discomfort is still there , maybe a little bit better. Also, still have the ringing in the ears.

    Hope everyone is doing well. I have a bunch I should do today plus my exercises but wanted to at least say hi and answer JULIE's post.

    Mikie - That is a shame that your neighborhood has to have such a woman living there that is just a grouch and absolutely has lots of problems. I know a few people like that. You never know when they are going to start their ranting and raving. The kitties getting used to the house and a litter box? You are so sweet to take them in. I would do something like that but not DH, so there would be a problem. Actually, in our neighborhood you are not supposed to let your animals run free but people do. Of course there are always the escapes who get out of the house or yard some way. Then they send out a search party for it. Hope things are going well for you and the cats. About how old are they would you guess? They are not really kitties at this point, I am assuming. Sorry you have to take another abx. What a pain but I hope it helps you.

    Spring Water - Hope you and family are doing OK. Missing seeing you lately. I know I haven't been that great lately myself.

    Hi to Dar, Sun, Windy, Rock , Joan , Diane and everydobby else. Still missing all those MIA's but love all these GREAT newbies :)!!

    Hope to get back here later today. Will be out to dinner tonight to discuss a possible trip in Oct. to Hot Springs. Has anyone gone there? I hear it is lovely. Hoping the baths will help the old bod :)!!

    Big hugz to awl,
    Granni :)
  5. Darrae

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    Hi everyone!

    Thanks Granni. Had a busy day at work, but the weekend is here and I'm getting some well deserved rest. Dinner roll :) Now that's a cute one! Hope the exercises help with the flexibility. Hope all this Chiro treatment, new meds and exercises do you great good!

    Loves N' Hugz,

    Mikie, Hi! Sorry you've had to turn your kitties into indoor kitties. Your neighbor sounds like the one on the other side of my driveway. I think every neighborhood has at least one if you live in town. Cats get used to their routines. Hard for them. Hard for you. Glad to hear it's working ok so far. Too bad about the exit sign. Some things just cannot be helped or worth fixing. Glad to hear the UTI's better, sorry bout the new bacterium. With us, it's always going to be something.

    We will hold the line. We will get better. Somewhere along the line, someone, somewhere, at some time has got to come up with a better idea. We just have to make it long enough to see it happen.

    As for whining, well....... we all do that. That's what we have each other for. To whine, to laugh, to get through each day. To help each other to accomplish that without losin' our ever lovin' minds! :confused: On those days when you ponder your purpose in life, as many of us do, remember how much you help others just by visiting the porch. Not to mention being savior of kitties! LOL
    Love and prayers for you!


    Love your "tenor" theory! Glad your tater tots worked out. They can be tricky lil' devils. Sometimes Rock, you are like a walking encyclopedia. I love that! Alzheimers or no Alzheimers, you are one sharp cookie! Your observations are so interesting. And your humor is so warped. I truly appreciate warped humor :)! A good chuckle keeps the doctor at bay.

    The thing with my cat is that she is a Diva. She's been spoiled rotten for 16 years. She thinks she owns the place and that I just sub-let. Sometimes I just have to remind her that I am bigger and I am ALPHA around here. Hear me roar! LOL

    Wishing you good health and a dance in the rain!


    Tenorial underwear theory.....what a gas!:D Just too funny. I heard the same thing regarding Barbara Streisand's nose. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just close our eyes and wish it all away, and "poof" gone?

    Take care Dear one.
    Loves N' good thoughts.
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    Sounds like you've just been runnin' your legs off! So much you do! I know your family needs you, and you're a good Mama and Grandma. But for Lord's sakes! Please rest once in a while.

    I know, I'm a fine one to talk with my own particular schedule. However, dear one, your pace is a little scarey. You've been around so much illness of late, I worry about you.

    Most of us do not have the best immune systems. I don't think any of us have good immune systems. Hence, autoimmune diseases. Please stay well.

    In the words of Sid the Sloth from the movie Ice Age, "I'm a mammal who cares".

    Take Care Sweet Lady,


    To Spring, Lilacs, Soul, Windy, Windblade, and anyone else I fail to mention (brain on fog alert!), well wishes and love to all! Y'all have a great weekend. :)

  7. Granniluvsu

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    Amen, Dar !!!

    Time go nighty night or at least get ready.

    Love you AWL !!!

    Granni :)
  8. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: You wear me out just reading how hectic things are. You remind me of myself years ago......go go go go go, until I dropped and then no one bothered to come help me. Are the babies teething or something? What would your daughter do if you didn't live so close?

    I'm thinking this darn heat wave has broken because I'm finally able to open the doors at night instead of running the AC constantly. I HATE having to keep the house all closed up.
  9. Windytalker

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    Everyone's so busy...makes me feel like a sloth. Been in a lot of pain today, so I just kicked back. I don't know how some of you do wears me out just reading about how busy you all are.

    My DH is in CA. Went to his youngest son's 50th BD party and wanted to be a "surprise"...and gather he was. How fun!! With him gone, it's pretty quiet around here. He never talks much, so I may just turn on his TV to fill the void...LOL.

    Just bopped in to see what everyone was up to...

    (Rock...You had to go and post about the song "K..K..K...Katie" [that's my granddaughter's name]. Now, it keeps whizzing around in my brain!:confused:)

  10. Granniluvsu

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    Good morning awl,

    Just waiting to leave for church. So this will be a quick on. It is so nice to see such a busy Porch even on the weekend, at least busier than it used to be :)!!!

    Julie - Please take it easy sweetie before you completely fall over. Hope you can relax and have a good time at the picnic. Hope Lorraine's arm is doing better. Do you think it was a bite of some kind? You never know. Not to long ago I saw something that looked like a bug bite and it was the beginning of the poison whatever it was. Hope it goes away quickly especially the little ones tend to scratch when itchy.

    A big HI to Rock, Sun, Windy, Dar and everyone.