Starting TF today. Nervous

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by Johnniebear, May 3, 2004.

  1. Johnniebear

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    Hi, I wish the stories on here were a little more encouraging about TF. I guess maybe the herx potentail has me quite nervous.

    I am a pt. of Dr. Brewer and started on Heparin 7 weeks ago for 4 abnormal clotting disorders (2 of which are genetic)with the plan of adding TF to my regimen 6-8 weeks into the heparin. I have an autoimmune disease; an overlap syndrome of lupus and scleroderma. All of the studies of TF have been done on patients with MS or CFS, so I feel like a guinea pig.

    They are starting me very slow.....2 pills a week for 2 weeks, then 3 pills a week. I am taking the Immune Care 64. I told them I have 2 kids birthdays in May along with all of the usual insanity that goes with the end of the school year & couldn't be flat on my back. So, that's why they're starting so slow.

    I wish this board were more active with people that are successfully using TF.


    ANNXYZ New Member

    to be a patient of Dr Brewer ! I would feel I am in great hands knowing his experience with this therapy.
    I will share my own experience that the best advice is what Sujay , a doctor who posts here ( and had remarkable success with Tf with EBV !) told me , and that is to go slow .
    I would also add my own opinion : It is a slow healing process . I read the info and thought I might feel slightly tired a couple of days and that I would notice results pretty fast. I have been on it 6 weeks and it took 5 weeks to be able to tolerate 2 capsules.
    I am in week 6 and having a few decent days now. I really tend to think that I can not BEGIN to judge its
    effective ness til I have been on it at least 4 - 5 mos as I have been ill 8 yrs. I do think it is promising and my best hope .
    I will keep you posted ! Be patient and give it plenty of time to work. you may have to go slower raising the dosage than you like.
    I also believe it is critical to raise glutathione levels at this time . read about it in the library here.
    At the recommendation of dr Sujay and my GP , I am also on low dose ( LOW!!!!) naltrexone . Do a search of it on google . It raises NK cells and has given me wonderful (!) sleep. I am sure Brewer is familiar with it.
    You maywant to consider discussing these with him and doing your own research also. Good Luck . there is hope!
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    I appreciate the support. I do feel lucky to be a patient of Dr. Brewer as I feel he is sooo knowledgeable, but with every good Dr. comes the downfall & his is that he is TERRIBLY busy. He gave me 4 hours of his time at my first appt. & 2 1/2 at my 2nd appt. but if you have questions in between appt.'s, you're kind of high and dry. And I'm the type of person to have a lot of questions. And they only schedule appt.'s every 6 mos.

    I'm lucky in that the company where I got the TF is in my home town and they have a nurse that works there & she is veyr knowlegeable & helpful & accessible. I have been picking her brain a lot. She has been stressing what you are telling me.....this is a long term committment.

    So, I hope something good comes of this!
  4. Mikie

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    I will be going very slowly. It really makes me feel sick. I think it is very, very hard on the immune system. I just hope it is worth it in the end. I also wish there were more people with long-term experience.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just curious if you could give me a rough estimate on what
    your out of pocket expenses were with seeing Dr. Brewer.
    Would love to have him for a doc but want to know if it cost an arm and a leg to see him even if you have decent
    insurance. I know how insurance companies often try to get
    out of paying for a lot of lab work and I'm sure it was an extensive visit with him.


  6. Johnniebear

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    Dr. Brewer is considered a mainstream Dr. He's affiliated w/a large teaching hospital. He is not one of those who demands the money up front or doesn't take insurance. I think my first visit with him lasted over 3 hours. My bill was $180 and my insurance covered all of it. Subsequent visits have been much less. He's very ethical & even though he knows he could charge more & not even mess with insurance companies, he doesn't feel that is the ethical thing to do. He's hard to get into though.
  7. jasontz

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    I will check him out and see how long a wait it is too see him. Do you know if he is working with the marshall protocol also with some of his patients? I'm wanting to say somewhere I read where a patient of his mentioned taking a drug that is used in the Marshall Protocol.
    Hope you are feeling better and feel like you are making some progress.

    Thanks for responding guy