Starting the "FMS Patients Rights Fight"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmelodyg, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. kmelodyg

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    Thank you everyone for all of your love and support with my doctor problem. I really would like to do something about all this. Does anyone have any recommendations about what I can do to get started on spreading the word about this issue? I come to this board almost everyday and hear horror stories about how we have been treated so badly by our "medical professionals". And now it has happened to me. And now I am majorly ticked off!! I want to turn this frustration into something positive! Anyone have any suggestions??

    Also, now I am back to square one, looking for a new doc. What should I tell them? Should I say that my past doc thought I was full of crap? Or just talk about my diagnosis and symptoms? What do you think?

    Lots of love.
  2. Applyn59

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    about your symptoms and diagnosis. Your
    dr. that you don't like did diagnose you with FMS,
    didn't he? I didn't think he said you were full of
    anything. I still don't why he thought you were
    a scam artist. Maybe he is paranoid?

    I think you should deal with your symptoms with
    a specialist, who most likely will be a lot smarter
    than the other guy you saw.

  3. dolsgirl

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    symptoms and diagnosis. If you bad mouth the other doc, the new doc will assume that if you two ever disagree that you'll be bad mouthing them & the chart will reflect things in their notes that may not have been there if they didn't know that you were on such bad terms with the previous doc. Go in with a clean slate and start over with the new doc & leave the baggage from the old doc at the door. Don't let the former doc do anything to set the wrong tone with your new doc. Good Luck. dolsgirl