Starting Thyroid med next week... anyone else on them?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tinktink, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. tinktink

    tinktink New Member

    Hi Everyone

    My Doctor is starting me on Armor Thyroid Med next week. I have to take my tempature (before getting out of bed) for a week before I start it.

    I was wondering if you could let me know how taking a thyroid medication has affected you if you have also taken one.

    I have found the stopthethyroidmadness web site and they seem to have great info... but would like to heare personal stories from those of you on this board.

    Thank you for your time and input.

    Best Wishes Diana
  2. tinktink

    tinktink New Member

  3. Redshadow

    Redshadow New Member

    Yep, I'm on synthroid for Hashimoto's Disease. Since being on the synthroid it has helped my insomnia somewhat but I still have high blood pressure and night sweats. I estimate I've been on it for about a year and a half I think.

    stopthethyroidmadness sounds like a great website! So appropriate when you're going through it you do feel like you're losing your sanity. I was lucky I tested positive for Graves Disease when I had all the weird symptoms but then I tested positive for Hashimoto's disease months later and finally the Doc put me on the synthroid. Please keep us updated.
    (((soft huggies)))
  4. Jo29

    Jo29 New Member

    Hi, I was put on Synthroid. I have hypothyroid. When I started taking the medicine, I did not notice a big change. I had to take it for awhile 6 mos. before I really started to feel the effects of it.

    Then I felt a little more energy, but with everything else, I didn't feel a lot better until I was eventually put on Plaquenil for Lupus.

    Thanks for the web site. I am going to look into it.

  5. llama

    llama New Member


    I got started on Cytomel about 3 months ago. My TSH was high-normal. I convinced my doc that despite my lab values (have a very low opinion of TSH test, after researching quite a bit on the topic)clinically I'm the picture of a person with hypothyroidism.

    Have a strong family history, so not surprised at all that I would inherit this problem.

    So far, not real impressed with the Cytomel, although I've read that if you've had untreated hypo. for a long time it can take months to see a difference. Feel like I've needed to be on something since childhood, but until I did my own research and became proactive did any doc. look beyond my "normal" TSH. I strongly believe that physicians need to treat the symptoms/clinical picture rather than relying on just an arbitrary lab value.

    I go to my doc. next week, and am planning on requesting Armour...very old drug, but have read some excellent articles, written by respected professionals in the area of endocrine disorders.

    Good luck to you Tinktink, you must have a progressive thinking physician to put you on Armour, a lot of them don't choose this drug right away and instead waste your time with synthetics like Synthroid (IMHO)...not to offend anyone who's on Sythroid and found it helpful!

  6. Jo29

    Jo29 New Member

    I agree with Jill. I asked for Armour or something like it, and my doctor refused to let me take it. I would rather have something natural than synthethic.

    I am doing OK with the synthroid, but would also like to try something natural.

    Thanks, Jill for bringing that up.

    Hugs, Jodi
  7. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    I'm on synthroid and have been since the 80's. I also have Hashimotos and more problems; nodules on right lobe, left lobe removed.

    I took the synthroid for years after lunch and was not told to take it on an empy stomach; bad mistake. No one ever told me to take it on empty stomach and with plenty of water. I suppose it wasn't working for a long time and just made things worse.

    I would suggest you look up all the information you can about the thyroid and the meds. It may save you some problems that I most likely, could have avoided.

    Take care of yourself,

  8. MsE

    MsE New Member

    I've had to take Synthroid for 44 years--ever since the birth of my middle child. Synthroid is absolutely essential for me. My thyroid is a joke.
  9. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi Jodi,

    I can relate about the thyroid meds. I've just gotten to the point, (which I think a lot of us do) where as the "consumer", I'm going to make some demands of my physician. Obviously, you need to do your homework, but once you've educated yourself enough...then I say go for it!

    Be proactive and say I want to at least have a trial period on this drug. Make them give you reasons why not.

    If it sounds like ignorance or BS...say goodbye and try to find someone who is more progressive or at least has their ego in check enough to be able to accept a suggestion from a lay person!!

    I'm a nurse, although can no longer work, and I always respected a patient that had some back bone...they may be a pain in the a**, but you have to think, what if this were me. Would I just sit back passively and HOPE that the doc. was having a good day and was willing to maybe go the extra mile for me or was it just going to be business as usual?

    Well, I'll now step down off the
    Bottom line if you don't want to be on Synthroid, it's within your rights as a patient to request a different treatment....Hugs....let me know if anything changes for you..........Jill.................
  10. pattieland

    pattieland New Member

    Hi All - My first time to even be at this site - an OK FM/CFIDS sufferer told me about it - but was intrigued by the thyroid post. I took Armour since diagnosed with Hashimoto's 8/04 - researched it and asked for it; still overwhelm. fatigue & wt. gain til I JUST started Synthroid balanced with 10% Cytomel - just went to a endocronologist (first ever) and am having huge energy levels but then I am very very sensitive to meds....I just visited specialty clinic in Dallas in Sept. (Fibro and Fatigue Centers) and have not even been able to take their supplements - have been very sick pup here - with chronic diarrhea 6 wks, high blood platelet counts, etc. But the thyroid change seems to be helping my energy levels, clearer thinking, but agitated as a negative (short fuse) but this new endo poopooed the Armour but it had been my idea to seek him out and try to do something to manage my thyroid (oh yeah, have 3 nodules too but they just "watch" them now) hope this info helps,
  11. tinktink

    tinktink New Member

    I appreciate the time you took to reply to my post.

    Redshawdow... I am going to have to look up hashimotos and graves diseases.

    Jodi... good to know it may take some time to see results. My doc and I didn't get that far into discussing it.

    Jill...stopthethyroidmadness web site has good info on Armor. you should check it out.

    Georgia... good to know Armor is helping you. Gives me hope it will help me too.

    Bluesky... good to know about taking it on an empty stomach. I usually take all my meds with meals.

    Georgiac... I will check into the supplements. I also take calcium and magnesum.

    Pattiland... welcome to the board. You will find great info and support from this board. So are you taking the synthroid and cytomel on top of the Armor or in place of them? Sorry to hear you are so sick. My days are a huge challenge these days too and it makes me tired just to think about how tired I am.

    Best Wishes to you all and thanks again........ Diana

  12. llama

    llama New Member

    Hi Diana,

    Saw your post, advising me to check out the "stop the thyroid madness". Trust me I did many months ago, and it's what really helped bolster my proactive stance toward all the BS you encounter when requesting something beyond Synthroid!!

    Mary Shomon, a leading authority and hypothyroid sufferer herself, just wrote a book something like Living Well with Hypothyroidism....just received an Email from Amazon alerting me to this fact.

    But thank-you, for taking the time and thought to tell me about that website...........Jill.............
  13. pattieland

    pattieland New Member

    I hope I am posting correctly.
    I started Synthroid by itself when diag. orig. 2004 - Hashimotos. No change.
    I asked to try ARMOUR after educating myself with Mary Shoman's book - Living Well With Hypo..., What Your Doc May not tell you about hypo.... etc, and continued with ARMOUR only since, with TSH checked, then 3 nodules diagnosed, etc. and TSH at .74 last ck (+6.12 orig.)
    The NEW endocrinologist I visited 8 da. ago believes in Synthroid BALANCED with Cytomel (90:10% combination) for a very small % of patients. He said most do fine on Synthroid, but not all. I do know of a LOT of women who take T4 alone without problems.
    I wanted to change because:
    1) My fatigue levels have not improved
    2) I believe that because ARMOUR has so many manufacturers & each month supply from another supplier, that it is not "regulated" well enuf in dosing (I would notice surges in sweating, hyper, etc. but mostly shortlived).
    For those reasons, I asked to switch to T4/T3 combi to see if that helps me and being so sensitive (I am the one who has had chronic diarrhea since beginning supplements from FCC-Dallas) I have had boundless energy in the past 8 days. The real test will be to see what my Cortisol, T4/T3 & free T/3 & TSH levels show the Endo. in lab tests scheduled for Nov, 17. I feel I am on right track, FINALLY. I have been disabled with FM since /99, and IBS added, then Hashimotos in 04, and the list goes on as we know. Hope this explains some of my track record.
    One thing my pharmacist said is to REQUEST Synthroid by brand if that is your brand, so that there will not be a difference in lots/dosages from one manuf. to another.
    Hope that helps someone out there.
    I don't have a neg. against Armour except that I truly believe I needed more of a balance of the T3 along with T4 - in that I don't think I was converting my t4 to t3 as it is supposed to do. I will look at site to educate myself further. Your group is great! G'night.
  14. wildworld

    wildworld New Member

    Dr Holtorf put me on a compounded thyroid medicine, just a little at a time to make sure they didn't give me anxiety. After about 4 months they started working, and have been helping ever since. I still need to rest a lot, but on a good day I feel pretty normal energywise.
  15. tinktink

    tinktink New Member

    I am so glad for both of you that the compounded meds are working for both of you. This is the first I have heard about the combo ... but I still have a lot of research to do on the subject.

    I will be starting the Armour mid week.... I have hope It will make a difference for me too.

    Thanks for your replys

    Best Wishes Diana
  16. MelaC

    MelaC New Member

    I am on Lipitor. It almost a year now and cant say it has made any difference.
  17. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I was on Synthroid for YEARS. During this time, my Goiter grew, and grew, and grew. But it grew beneath my collarbone, so docs didn't think it was that big.Eventually I could no longer breath when lying down, as my trachea was being compressed and my airway would collapse. (It had grown to the size of an ORANGE)Of course, noone believed me. Said I had anxiety, asthma, bronchitis. Assholes! So, ended up with a Right Thyroidectomy, continued on Synthroid.

    Then, my (then) Accupuncturist (also M.D., Nuerologist and Psychiatrist) decided I should try ARMOUR. Immediately, within a day or two, my EXTREME SHORTNESS OF BREATH ended. Literally stopped. I would be winded just reading out loud, putting on clothing or walking to the bathroom. What a MIRACLE. Unfortunately, it did nothing to help my pain or weakness, but at least I was not short of breath anymore.

    I still take T3/T4 but I get it COMPOUNDED at the Pharmacy. I see no difference, and maybe even think the Armour is bit better, as I am having a bit of breathlessness again. Told my FFC doc last week, and he thinks I am getting shortchanged on my Thyroid meds, and might up them. (I take 2 grains) Waiting for test results.
    Armour, or Compounding is, in my opinion, superior for the majority of us.

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  18. danielledae

    danielledae New Member

    I'm 23 and about 2 years ago I started to lose weight without trying, the more I ate the more I lost. Within a month I went from 130 pounds to 93. Every doctor was booked, I really thought I would die and found a random one in the phone book. He took me in the next day and initially told me it was mental. After the TSH came back 0.001 he put me on medicine and I felt normal, after 6 months he told me quit taking it. After a week I noticed the symptoms. Another endocrinologist, she said it was mental. TSH still abnormal but went to a different doctor (at the advice of the nurse I might add). That time is was more normal but due to other health problems I waited a few months. I finally got to doctor that listened and did the appropriate tests-also not saying it was mental. It was still in the normal range and I weighed 135. Since June I have gained up to 161, although I am 5ft7 it's quite rapid. Another problem you have to "wait and see".
    -My point being, make sure you communicate to your doctor. Write stuff down, especially the weird stuff, and insist on every possible test they can do. If not only to diagnose but also to eliminate it. I myself have an very sensitive body and reaction to medicine, so your blood results will be just as sensitive. Don't base it on TSH if they say it's normal. Request a scan of the nodules!!! I was going to do this at my follow up but my mom got sick and now I have to wait til February. But, being a size 12 is better than not being able to fit into a 0. An adequate doctor should know about normal variations-especially if you have FM/CFS. I tell everyone this story b/c it was so infuriating and how would I have known, but 3 people with a medical license thought I did it to myself on purpose. I did my own research and went through a lot and I hope I help at least one person with this story. I have many more like it, but not on this subject.
  19. MelaC

    MelaC New Member

    Hi lukro sorry having one of those days. I meant Eltroxin.


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