starting to feel better after 30+ years

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    I would like to let you know what is now helping me after so many years. I have been pursuing the Lyme diagnosis for about a year. I have been seeing a Lyme Dr who has done many Lyme tests. They have been negative including Igenex and Fry.
    My Dr. doesn't say it's Lyme even though I have so many symptoms. Cfs and Lyme share many symptoms. He says I have an infection whatever it is.
    He has put me on things to help my gut problems which are probably my worst symptoms. I now have Gastroparesis. I have Diverticulitis and had surgery 7 years ago for it. Anyway, I now take Glutaloemine, and Igg 2000. These have helped so much. I am able to eat without pain from the GP. I still have to watch my diet-no gluten or lactose and very little fiber. I have tried a little fiber and found I could tolerate it in small amounts.
    Apparantly you can't order these online without a Dr.s approval. I buy them through my DR. My body pain had dramatically decreased with these 2 supplements. I now get tired in the evening when I am just about ready for bed. I wake up with little pain.
    I also have been taking 2 other supplements for 3 months now. They are ACZ nano (zeolite) and ACS 200(Nano Silver). I was nervous about taking these but My Dr. knows the Dr. who helped produce them and he tried them for a year before giving them to his patients. He says they are safe. I am taking small doses to avoid strong herxes. The zeolite is to eliminate mercury and other metals from the body. The silver is like an antibiotic. My Dr. says not to increase too much because it is very potent. He has cured cases of Bartonella with it.
    Also, this silver does not turn you blue. It is only the cheap homemade silver that can do that. These products can be googled online. Yes they are expensive but I was desperate and getting worse. Now I can enjoy my grandson and can do more things then I ever could.
    I believe these products have put me in remisssion. AM I cured? Probably not. However, I am so grateful just to feel better. I am seeing my Dr. on Monday. I think there are some other products he may add. By the way his specialites are Rhemotology, vascular disorders and autoimmune disseases in addition to Lyme. He is basically conventional but he loves some of the more natural products because they work very well. He is the best Dr. I have ever seen and I feel blessed to have found him.
    I wish everyone here the best and hope you can all feel better soon. After re-reading this I realized it sounds like I am selling or promoting these products. I certainly am not. I just wanted to let everyone know what has helped me feel better. Jess

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    Wow Jess, what incredibly good news! Many congratulations on your improvements. Interestingly, I've been keeping both of your main supplements in mind as I go forward. Your good results just might be a good catalyist for me get started on them.

    I've been diagnosed with Bartonella, and feel heartened by your mentioning your doctor's success in treating it. Thanks for sharing your success with us.

    Best, Wayne
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    I'm so happy for your health progress!! Wow!! ((Big hugs!))

    My daughter just got 2 weeks of treatment by a great doctor and for the first time in 10 years is turning the corner toward overcoming chronic illness (Lyme, etc)!! It's exciting!!!

    God bless you and your grandkids with lots of joy!!

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    congratulations, but what the heck? 30 years???
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    Hi, as far as I know the zeolite is all natural. You can google it. It's called ACZ nano. It only pulls out the bad stuff and my Dr. said it has some anti-viral properties. I take them together after waiting 2 min between. I really don't think My Dr. would have told me to do this if the zeolite pulls out the silver. Good luck, Jess