Starting treatment! Any tips?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Hope4Sofia, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hope4Sofia

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    So, I was hoping to get some input and tips from those of you who have been on this road for a while.

    I have chronic Lyme - 19 years.

    Starting on oral antibiotics for 6 weeks, probably adding IV.

    Taking Doxy, then adding Azithro, then adding Artimisinin. Also taking threelac.

    When do you take Doxy. It says no minerals or dairy. Is coffee with a bit of cream ok? Any weird side effects I should look for?

    Do you wear gloves when driving to protect from sun?

    Does this sound like a good treatment plan?


  2. Nanie46

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    I have only been treating for 4 months, but that sounds like a reasonable routine to start.

    My LLMD prescribed doxy twice daily, so I took it around 7 am and 7 pm. Magnesium, calcium, iron, etc can decrease the effectiveness of the antibiotics, so take any supps that contain those things (most do) and your probiotics at least 2+ hrs after antibiotics.

    I don't drink coffee with cream, but I would avoid it within 2 hrs of antibiotics.

    Are you going to be taking other supps? My LLMD said high quality refrigerated probiotics and high doses of fish oil are the most important. I take alot of other supps too.

    Also, do not underestimate the terrible sunburn you can get while on doxy. I was burned quite badly a month ago. Use tons of sunblock, but you can still burn badly even with it. Also wear long sleeves, hat, gloves, etc even when driving in the car.

    My LLMD took me off of doxy for the summer and I will resume it in the fall.

    If you haven't posted on's medical question board, you will get many more answers there from people with lots of experience.

    Don't expect too much too soon. So far I am sleeping better since starting bioidentical hormones and I'm having less hot flashes.

    My LLMD told me today that it is usually 6-12 months before people see any improvement in pain.

    Congratulation on getting started. Hope all goes well for you!
  3. Hope4Sofia

    Hope4Sofia New Member

    Your reply was very helpful and thorough. I have been trying to figure out when and how to take what.

    I feel impatient. I want to kill it NOW. I know it will be a long road. My dr told me I will probably still be treating a year and a half from now...

    I started doxy on Tue, started hurting last night in my feet, hands, hips. I guess this is a good sign.

    Sad about the coffee. I'll figure it out.

    Thank you again!!

  4. AllWXRider

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    I just started on doxy 5 weeks ago. Lots of die-off and no relief so far.

    I read about the Klinghardt protocol, it says to start with bentonite clay 1tsp and 1 Tbsn of fiber to break up the biofilm and absorb toxins in the entero-hepato loop.

    I just started the clay + fiber today.

    The clay tastes...bad. I need a thick pulpy orange juice next time.

    Doxy says "may increase sunlight sensitivity", weird...only my feet were burning in the sunlight. I was wearing sandels. It was like a torch was on them, I shielded them with my hand and it was OK.

    I also read to rotate antibiotics. How often?
    Advanced Topic in Lyme Disease 6th Ed just says to rotate.
    Do we go by when the herx is over?
  5. Nanie46

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    I got a terrible doxy burn in NYC in April. We went there for a weekend and it was a freaky 95 degrees.

    I went off of it then for the summer and am taking tetracycline instead.

    I leave it up to my experienced LLMD to decided when to rotate the antibiotics.

    I have been fortunate that in the 7 months that I have been treating, I have tolerated every medication well.

    Good luck with your treatment!
  6. Renae610

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    Check my thread and listen to this interview:

    I highly recommend Dr. J's approach to recovering from Lyme, etc.!!!.....
    It is completely natural. Get his book, Beating Lyme Disease. Antibiotics are not the answer for Chronic Lyme. Since you've been ill so long and other approaches haven't worked, ask your M.D. to refer you to Hansa so maybe your insurance will help pay. I highly recommend this!!!
    Dr. J. is advanced beyond the conventional and other alternative approaches. He was trained in Europe, Biological Medicine & Energy Medicine, etc. VERY advanced!! Many getting well!!

    God bless you with healing and health,

  7. maps1

    maps1 Member

    It is really good to have alternative treatment and thank you for posting the link.

    Although antibiotics are not the only treatment, as in any other disease, they have been proven to be a very effective treatment.

  8. Renae610

    Renae610 New Member

    Notice on this link what he says about antibiotic treatment:

    Antibiotics don't deal with your body's pre-Lyme weakness that caused you to become Lyme-symptomatic to begin with. You also have a greater likelihood of relapse because antibiotics don't kill all the organisms so they can continue to replicate.

    In contrast, Dr. J's products have been tested to be superior in killing Lyme and coinfections and his overall approach to Lyme Disease has a much better success rate. Dr. J. HAD Lyme himself!

    Getting well is not simply about killing off the organisms, so he has an effective plan to get rid of neurotoxins, including "Leaky Brain Syndrome". He is the one who discovered the Ammonia problem Lyme patients have-- my daughter is taking his product to get rid of it. His plan can even heal damage that the disease has caused. You build up the body, mind, spirit.

    I wish you could see his BioResonnance scanning that tests your energy field so he can diagnose you without a blood test and tell you exactly what remedy will help you and in what dosages. It is a superior system to the other meridian machines which have difficulty with Lyme patients. He found severe coinfections that even Igenex Lab had missed!! No wonder my daughter wasn't getting better! He can even work in your energy field and correct things. For example, in one treatment, he fixed my daughter's eyesight, a Lyme-caused Central Nerveous System problem causing her pupils to excessively dilate so that she could not go outside in the sun. In one treatment of your energy field, he also fixed depression/anxiety!

    I have seen my daughter's miracles from working with Dr. J., and I saw other patients at the clinic also improve after years of nothing else working for them. I am sooooooooo blessed to see this!!!! Thank God!!! But you've got to first be willing to think outside the medical box and see that Chronic Lyme is a very different illness from other conditions and requires an expert like Dr. J who truly understands this multi-systemic disease and has the products and methods to overcome it. They have a discount this Octorber for new patients. Don't waste your time, money, and life on other approaches.