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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope no one gets stuck in between !! Please check the last volume with posts from Julie, Spring Water, Teacher and Georgia. Throwing in some hot choc. and cookies, a big assortment. It is a little chilly from the hard rain today. So, I feel hungry and need to warm up.

    Hugz to you awl,
  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Freida - hey, welcome! good to see a new face on the Porch. Step
    right in and join the fun. I'd love some homemade soup being as how
    cold it is these days. any kind of soup, which would warm these
    insides up a bit, yummy.

    Granni - thanks for opening up. And for all the goodies. We too been
    getting rain and low low temps. Hope it warms up for you pretty soon.

    Julie - Little Raine is growing up in front of our eyes! ..through your posts,
    of course. How fascinating that she is already talking and beginning to
    observe things.

    I hope you have a good trip to the store. i can tell you are so excited.
    I am, too :) excitement is contagious.

    that is sweet how you always make time to see Castle. i think its the
    detective one with a guy and girl, yes? lol, that would describe a lot of
    shows. well, the one with the smart girl and nerdy guy.

    Wheres Rock? i hope his computer isnt acting up again.

    Well, after the horror that was yesterday, i was supposed to go attend
    a prayer ceremony same place as last time, and couldnt, I just couldnt,
    felt too bad, it rained and no lights, hadnt bathed, never had such a
    cold dismal dark day, i believe it snowed up in some of the higher areas.
    brother went tho and i learnt today they had a prayer ceremony lasting 5 hours
    of continuous chanting; sitting cross legged of course on the floor.

    just as well i didnt go.

    today i felt so much better. good, because i'd prob hav done something
    stupid if i had continued to feel as bad as i did yesterday.

    it shone and i took hot water upstairs to the terrace and bathed my hair
    there. i would hav taken a body bath there too, but we are now surrounded
    by tall buildings. no privacy.

    i also went and replenished some household commodities; and gave my
    self a treat of hot dumplings for getting thru yesterday.

    been trying to give Hobbes healing on his tumours and ended up with
    aching elbow.

    Im feeling happy because my hairs clean and i used a new shampoo
    which said it would make it shiny and i hope it is and that it last a day or

    God Bless

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A special HI to Freida Leah :)!! or is it the other way around, sorry :)!! I started a post this morning and DH needed it and then we had to go out,, etc. So I actually never got back on much . Hope you will come back or stick around the Porch and boards more. Seems like so many have been so busy doing other things, or not feeling like posting and just reading (lurking) :)!!

    Spring Water - speaking of hair I need to go do mine. I have been putting it off for one reason or anotherincluding getting home late two nights a week.. My hair is a production. You would never figure that out with myhair being so short but it has gotten so straight and so I have to blow dry it and then curl with a curling iron and spray and spray. Your hair must be so beautiful being so long. The longest mine has ever been may have been shoulder length when I was very young. This climate is to hot and humid for long hair or for hair to keep its curl, unless you have natural curl and then it gets frizzy.

    Julie - Hope all is well for you, your parents and Linds. Hope she is starting to finding at least a little better and some relief from all her ailments plus carrying those TWINS. Has she gotten to the point yetof thinking of names and does she want to know the sexes yet? It may be a bit early but I know they can tell SO early now. Gee, I had to wait till they were all born before we knew and there was no ultrasound. So exciting.

    Rock - Hi there, hope you are doing OK today and things going well, no lost posts or anything :)!!!

    Well, I really need to go and do so many things inc washing my hair. Would anyone like to do my hair for me :)???

    Love to everydobby,
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Leah (Spring Water) too - I know what you mean about washing your hair. It just feels so good when you are finished, even if it takes some time and you are exhausted and arms achy from doing it.

    Whoops just got a call and I ned to get off as someone is dropping by for a few minutes to check on a sample for my backsplash in the kitchen. We put in our order but still decisding on the backsplash and am not sure which to get. I can chanage they said till the guys comes and does the final measuring. We put in our order this morning, came home ate lunch and then outside to rake leaves. That is so much fun (NOT) !

    After the friend of mine leavew we will have to start supper or should I will :)!!

    Hope everydoby is fine. I know the Porch has been so slow lately and everyone soe busy or not feeling up to posting.

    Rock - missing you too ! Hope to get back soon, maybe tomorrow or later tonight.

    Love to everydobby,
  5. teacher

    teacher New Member

    The panic has set in in my neck of the woods.

    Weather people have been predicting snow and rain for the past few days. It started to rain at the end of school and now they are posting weather warnings along the lines of "roads may get slippery".




    Tomorrow is my Winter Concert. We didn't do it in December (just as well) so here we go.

    Actually, we're still good. As long as we get it in by the end of January, the Music Supervisor doesn't care.

    My grades are almost done. Just gotta fire up the printer and blast off about 12 more.

    Three day weekend this week (thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) and I'm more than ready.

    I hope to find my bedroom this weekend. We'll see how good I do.

    Not much else going on here. Just trying to make it form day to day.

    So, we get to play with twins now? How cool is that?!

    They are going to make an ABSOLUTE MESS out of Spring's hair!!!!!!!!

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Youre going to get some sheep? Wont they be too much work?
    Im bout all done out, just looking after my two dogs Poopsie and
    Hobbes. Poopsie is almost blind and i have to literally lead her everwhere,
    to her food, out the door, upstairs, downstairs.

    she still insists on scratchng the door to be let out, bless her heart.

    Hobbes growls from time to time. but hasnt got so bad til now, touch wood.
    trying to give him healing.

    but need to take care of myself too. ive askedaround for a rosequartz crystal
    to wear, supposed to abosrb negative energies while healing.

    Leah - seems like you also suffer difficult health issues like most of us here.
    We support one another and knowing others understand is such a upper.
    I hope we all are able to manage our different issues as well as we are

    Granni - what is a backsplash? havent heard of that. so now weeding is replaced by raking it never ends does it?

    Julie - is Lindsey recovered a bit from her illness? It must be so difficult
    to be suffering asthma while expecting. praying for her health and that
    of the two precious ones she is carrying.

    Teacher - you seem to be doing a lot. that would overwhelm me. dealing
    with all those kids and all. good luck wth the concert. i did hear moving
    house is a big stressor and maybe its taken a toll on you too. I hope you
    can really rest, recupe.

    well cold doesnt let us do a whole lot does it?

    I did go out to dinner at this restaurant of dhs friends; discounted rate
    40 percent off. we had invited dhs brother and cousin sis but brother
    couldnt make it from work. we met this retired gentleman friend
    of dhs who also plays golf and he had worked in UN and been to all these
    different countries and he kept my little cousin amused with his stories
    abnd take on life. i had been feeling so horrible i had been worried i would
    not be good company but asit turned out, it wentsuper well.

    my or rather dhs little cousin sis is having angsgt of her own not finding
    a suitable job (architecure) and she confided in me she was having panic
    attacks, look at the pressure of the young kids these days.

    Right, will be now, elder bro just came by.

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    so I thought I would pop in to say hi. Didn't do anything that exciting today except fo to the weight room for a bit (mostly treatmill) with DH. It is never my idea even if I know it is good for me. I am so tired all the time and achy I could just stay in bed all day. Then maybe DH would really how crappy I feel but no I won't do that !!

    Teacher - How nice to hear about your concert, your mis matched shoes and good pre K children. Glad they behaved. I know they just loved the lollipops Your eather sounds horrible. I have a hard time when it is cold here with NO SNOW.

    Georgia - I know what you mean about the driest winters on record. Actually, for us it has been a dry summer and fall too. Luckily, we have gotten a little bit of rain lately. Our lake is so way down. I wish I could see your shawls.

    Spring Water - Hope all is well with you and family. Did you find your NRG? Maybe if you have some xtra you could pass it on to me and whoever else needs it :)!!

    Rock - where have you been? Hope you are doing OK and your dumb computer isn't giving you fits again !! Believe me, I know the feeling.

    Sorry this isn't longer. My husband and mostof the kids have been watching the NFL football games. I had to get into the football "pool"at DH's insistance. I really dont havae a clue. Not doing to well right now with my games.

    Hope Houston wins tomorrow but not sure they have a big chance, esp. playing in Baltimore and tht COLD weather. Actually, I will be happy cause I won't be picking them and yet hope they win. So, either way I will be happy.

    Julie - Hope you and Linds are doing better as well as your parents too. Drop a line when you can.

    Leah - Hope you are doing well and we are so glad you have come to be with us.

    Missing so many of our dear Porchies, MIA and ALL ! Time now to get ready for beddy bye !

    Love to everydobby,

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It was 28 earlier this morning. Have to go to church this morning so this will be very short.

    Julie- Sorry to hear that Keira and Lorraine have been sick. Hope they get better soon. I know it is hard and scry to see little ones with high fevers but that is not uncommon for them. They can be right as raine or should I say Raine the next day or sooner.

    Sorry that they could get Lindsays IV started on her. That poor girl has her share of problems (asthma) Morning or whatever you want to call it, sickness, having to watch Raine and I am already exhausted thinking about twins cause I know what my daughter went through 13 years ago.

    Sounds like you are really moving on the shop/house. I wish I could see a pic of it. You said you had your own kitchen twoo, didn;t you. Wow, thta must be some shop. I know Den was adding on to it too but WOW !!

    Hi to everydobby !! Have to get ready to go to church and check the ret of my mail. The kids and DH have a football pool going on which I am forced to participate in :)!! I'm betting against my Texans . This way if they lose I will still be happy I got point. I would love for them to win but I don't expect it to happen. My girls a fantics about it.

  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Too exhaustinized to post. To make up for my lack of energy, I have
    lots of depression. SOL

    And my Eisenhower's disease is getting worse. Did a load of laundry
    this morning. Somehow neglected to put the clothes in the machine.
    The sudsy water just washed itself.

    Freida, glad you found your way to the porch. Lots of nice people to
    talk to here.

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  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    So happy you could at least post and let us know. Sending lots of good

    As to the empty laundry machine, well the insides of it got a good wash,
    if nothing else. dont worry, im sure lots of people have done that.

    ive left on my stove for couple of hours when i made tea and went and
    fell asleep reading.

    gas lasted couple of days less than usual.

    Leah - loved reading al the posts on your Nature thread. wish i had
    somefing to contribute. but its cold and dreary here, and i cant see
    many birds even other than the usual pigeons. one mommy has her
    nest outside me window and her two are about grown up;
    one is snow white. she fell offa her nest some days ago and one of
    our people picked her up down in the garden and we put her back.

    now she be a fine young lady; i saw her in the trees. attracting up
    a storm of attention from the young men pigeons im sure.

    Georgia - Im sure going to sleep in the couch wrapped up in one of
    your warm yarn shawls would be bliss. I was wondering just how many
    shawls you must have knitted by now since starting to knit. Good lord.

    Julie - hmm, what is it about tiny tots and runny noses. even my
    dhs cousins two lil ones keep getting bouts of fever and sniffles.
    hope raine and keira get well soon.

    i ve been reading and it said in quite a many books, that an expectant
    mommy should always look at beautiful pictures and listen to lovely
    music and generally try to keep negative feelings away as her emotions
    affect the emotional pattern of the little one within her.

    for wher i come from, this was one of the old wives tales. they used to
    say put up posters of beautiful smiling baby pictures and whatever makes
    yuo happy. amazing how i used to dismiss so many old wives tales and
    now they turn up in every which way i look including my pranic healing

    Granni - i know you push yourself. I wish we al could get on with the business
    of living without having to exert effort. Hope you soon start to feel better

    as for me? Im still at square one. or maybe two. trying to get things done
    but surrounded by things yet undone.

    Teacher - you are a scream. I do so enjoy reading your posts. The mismatched
    shoes had me falling down laughing. And its so typically you. wish i was a
    student in your class.

    my daughter had an english lady teacher who taught them A levels english.
    she used to think nothing of kicking off her shoes and padding around teaching
    them barefoot. of course our countryis very hot. but the rest of the teachers
    are not so forthcoming. and whats more, she was a terrific terrific english
    teacher. and usedto work like a demon possessed. daughter got an A in her
    finals no small thanks to the tortuous amounts of homework Miss Perry gave out.and the meticulous checking of said homework.

    Hmmm, been missing Gail, Jole, Joan, and others.

    I know this cold is also to blame. Its not lettingpeople stir out and about.

    The lights were off when i woke this morn and came on just now at 1pm.

    The day is cold and dreary and dark. raining lightly. freezing.
    need to go get something from town and the cold is not letting me out the
    door. Its catching me from the back of my neck and throwing me down on the rug in front of my kerosene
    heater. i tell it I have to get moving, theres the cleaning, and stuff,
    but it wont listen.

    i tried to look out the windows hoping the sight of neighbours going around,
    gardening or sweeping or wahsing clothes on their terraces would galvanize
    me into action but no. actually couldnt see anyone outside. everyone seems
    not to have gotten out of their beds today. or else must be crouched around
    their heaters.

    we are going to have 14 hour a day power cuts. hmmmm. have made up my mind to get a new cheap chess set for son and dad to play when ther is no tv.
    (son has nasty habit of losing the chess pieces or else the dogs pick them up and chew them.)otehrwise everyohe is going to get into everhyone elses hair. also have hunt upthe little psp of sons i had hidden while he had exams.

    wil need all the ammunition we can get to keep boredom at bay while
    the winter and power cuts rage on.

    hope i can go change library books. the dh is out on a business trip to
    india so son and we can eat what we want. no mandatory lentils and greens.

    hmm gotta stock up on candles. there is shortage of cooking gas and kerosene
    in town. i think we as a country are going backwards, sirrah! even petrol gas and diesel is unavailable. serpentine queues outside gas stations.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I deleted my last post.

    I was in a rage and that was totally uncalled for.

    All I can say in my defense is that I'm all over the place reight now and it appears I'm losing the fight for stability.

    Oh well. That's how it goes.

    Love you.
  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Welcome Miss Freida! Nice to have you with us.

    Rock, being down is a bummer. I hope you start feeling better soon!

    Julie, I'm sorry, but I know I missed something. Why are you living in your shop?

    Goatie, thnking about you and your knitting and spinning brings a nice picture to my mind. Pleasant and tranquil. Gives me hope that I can achieve that here where I live.

    Granni, your home remodleing project sounds like fun. I know it's a drag right now, but the finished product is going to be amazing!

    Spring, you amaze me. So much taking care of others and still managing to find the peace of nature. Thank you.

    Bill, I didn't make cookies over Christmas break. I made an 8x8 chocolate cake instead. And ate the whole thing all by myself in about 4 days.

    Big hugs to all the MIA's.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have a verye ary doc appt. and lab draw this morning for thyroid. Thansk Goad the doc is close by. I hadte having to drive far and in traffic. Then my b/p goes was you again, not that it takes much to spike with me.

    The guy comes this morning to measure everything for the finals so they can do the cutting and stuff. This will be very interesting. I will probably pick thae darker ( like light tan /almond with specs in it for the backspash. The other was just to white, even though the countertop sample has some all white in it. There are also lotsof diff. shades of brfown and a I would say also a very light hue of pinkish, my fav. color in the counter top..

    Teacher - Hi, I am so sorry for things going awry for you and making your real upset. I do that myself too so try not t feel badly. You are younger than I and work so that work part can have many ways of driving you crazy, I am sure. Glad to see you back.

    Rock - glad you popped in and hope you getto feeling better soon. Try not to feel to badly as I do terribly screwy things, esp. when I am ina hurry.

    Missing SO many people too numerous to mention. I hope you know who you are if you are lurking about. Hope to be back later today.

    Spring Water - big hugs to you. I know wht you mean about when DH is not home you can cook what YOU want and doin't have to fuss to much.

    Love to everydobby,
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My goodness it is almost time for beddy bye. Not to much new here right now. The guy came to measure for our counter tops yesterday and we will have to pay a bit more than expected . DH did a great job of measuring the counter tops but a bit off on the back splashes. He did a lot better than I could have done for sure. They said in a couple of weeks or less we need to give thema date.

    Oh what fun that will be. We have to take everything out of all the drawers and lower cabinets. I am not looking forwards to that but I guess it will be worth it when I look at the new countertops and hope the back splash we picked out will look good too. I picked the darker one to go more with the almond colored flooring. I can hardly wait but I am not looking forwards to the work - ugh !

    Julie - Hope all is well with you , sick baby Raine and you too as well as Linds. I hope she will be feeling better soon with her asthma too. You surely have your arms and hands full !! How's your weather --COLD ???? Your new place (temporary) sound like it iwll be nice and will give the kids a nice space of their own esp when those TWINS some - oh dear !!! Busy busy !!!!! I'm exhausted just thinking abou it.

    Right now it is warm here but will start to get cooler in a few days I think, not to cold though I do not think. From one day to another I haven't a clue of what to wear.

    Teacher - Hope all is well with you and getting more calm after your big concert!!! That sounded so cute but to be in charge of them all - oh my !! I would also love to hear the music by those children - neat!!

    Georgia - Have you finished any of your shawls yet? They will be very welcome in the COLD weather. How is your weather doing? Hope it is warmed so your back and all don't hurt so much. I know it does to me.

    Diane - Hope you have been reading some of the Porch posts. It seems like so many are MIA and doing whatever they have to do. Hope all is well with you and Kevin and those kitties.

    Spring - Hope you get up and go is still there but don't take it all for your self :)!!!! I need some to. I haven't done that much today other than some washing.

    Rock - Hope you are feeling a little better today. We miss you when you dont come around. Forgetting to put the clothes in the washer with just the water is no biggie :)! I know many of us have done so. I think I may have a time or two myself when I am really rushed and trying to do to many things at once.

    Missing so many of you - Carla, Linda, Elaine, Jole, Monica, Mickey, Joan, etc. etc.

    Love to you all.
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Quick stop by. Its really late. making most of the power while its on.

    i got to go and change my library books. yay. but the librarian shooed
    us out almost immediately i got there. it closes at 4:30pm. i got there
    at 4:25.

    the dhs plane was delayed from india due to fog. so son and i got
    to watch tv a bit before he finally came.

    i had brought meat and mustard greens (dhs fav veggie) so dinner was
    not a hassle. i hate when i find theres nothing to cook.

    i walked back home. real proud i saved on cab fare. no chances of
    getting room on a bus. theyre too full.

    dark when i got back.

    the night before last i had woken up at night feeling so angry
    and irritated i could hav killed someone. palpitations. spaced
    out. now i get my curse. so i know it was a very intense episode
    of PMS. thankfully shortlived.

    i feel sorry for those elephants in their mast induced rage.
    now i know how they feel.

    Take care all

    Sending good thoughts out to all of you feeling lower than usual.
    May the sun shine brightly soon and bring light and lightness
    into your worlds.

    God Bless
  16. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Starting to climb out of that dark place. All I can say is that I'm thankful for good friends. They sure make a differece!

    Weather people are saying we will have snow tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it.

    It's been jumping between 15 and 57 for the last three weeks. Makes for an interesting winter!

    Not doing much this evening. Actually, it's still early, but I'm thinking about going to bed.

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  17. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Had a migraine this morning so I dug out my icy gel pack. After it thawed out, for some reason I decided to read the warning label.

    After I read it, I decided to share it with you.

    Here goes:

    "WARNING: Do not cut open or pucture film. Not intended for ingestion. Diabetics as well as individuals with circulatory problems, nerve damage, paralysis or insensitve skin shound not use this product. If you have concerns about any other physical conditions, consult with your physician before use."

    All I could do was shake my head.


  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Was the gel pack made in China? Haw haw haw haw...

    I hope your migraine went away. Not fun. Not any. Used to hav them once.
    regularly. but not for a long time now, touch wood.

    Granni - i love the sound of almond coloured floor and speckled counter.
    we hav a granite speckled kitchen counter and its one of the few things
    i like in this house. Thankfully dh/advisors didnt go in for gaudy and chose
    a kind of washed out pink with greyish blackish specks.

    Georgia - i dont think they have black cohosh here. I did take magnesium
    with calcium on advice of Rafiki when my PMS was reaaaly, I want to do
    myself in, bad. And it helped. my periods are so erratic. i never know when.
    nowadays months.

    How did the spinning at the fair go? It does sound so good. I would love to
    be there amongst all that activity.

    The sight of these tal new buildings going up everywhere is bringing tears to
    my eyes. I cannot imagine living in the midst of a metropolis. Now, it is only
    a matter of time.

    The ethnic people in most colonised countries were treated pretty bad. survival
    of the mightiest and all that.

    Julie - is everyone on the mend now? My son had a really bad bout of cold
    the other day. Horrible. Brought it with him when he came home in evening.

    So i made him sleep in our room, where the kerosene heater is on, dh was
    out of town. The next day seemed better, and i was so angry when he left
    \to join his friends on some errands. swore if he camehome sicker i would not
    care for him, but the cold seems to hav gone now. thank goodness; except
    dh brought another cold with him when he came home from india. they were
    at this conference and he and his colleague both had bad colds and sniffled
    their way thru it all. i told him musnt hav made such a good impression.

    Leah - how are you doing? where you stay must be beautiful in summer.
    given you seem such a nature lover. We used to hav a lot of parrots here
    in winter, they escape the plains and its extreme weather to come up here,
    but this winter has seen some harsh harsh cold and not a lot to be found
    this winter. ive seen maybe a couple of them.

    Rock - I hope you are getting better. Are you stil taking Zippy for walks.
    The other day i saw a dog with a little sweater on. and thot maybe not
    a bad idea for my own dogs. Esp Poopsie who seems to be sleeping the
    winter away.

    Last even i had to go to a function. Dhs friends sons birth celebration.
    Theyre Indian and STRICT vegetarian. I was not in the mood at all, didnt
    evenmanage to wash my hair but thought i betternot giv in to my bad
    moods and lack of energy all the time. anyway i knew we wouldnt
    be knowing many people there (well, my dh would but not me) so i
    could just slink into a corner and eat.

    The food cheered me up. Lots and lots of varieties of stuff a non veg
    like me had never seen. i tasted all of it. soups made of curd andspices.
    mashed potato stuff with lots of pickly stuff smeared on it, even a sweet
    barley kind of porridge on whch you had to smear clarified butter, and
    bits of jaggery. sounds strange but it was yum! I told the host so.
    and he was beaming.then all the usual indian mainstream stuff.

    i ate fit to burst. no drinks. theyre strictly non alcoholic. but two kinds
    of drinks. one was some kind of orange juice, the other which i loved
    was sweetnd thick milk with slivrs of nuts nd fruit in them and flavoured
    with something i couldnt put my finger on. faint whiff.

    the hosts family all seem so happy. ive seen them couple of times and
    the dad, the brother and host himself seem kind of lit up with a kind
    of joie de vivre all the time. i told my dh they re always smiling and he
    was laughing and agreeing. andthen i get introduced to the mum of the
    baby and find she too is a sparky young thing, very talkative and
    excited abut her new younger son.

    the lights were on when i got back so happy. its dismal coming back
    back in from the cold to a dark drafty house.

    God Bless