starting Valtrex today

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  1. judywhit

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    We are guessing that I have the HHV-6 virus. I have had roseola, g-herpes, shingles. Have the sore throat, swollen lymps for two weeks and then will get an outbreak of herpes. Will eventually be taking 500mg 3xday for up to 5 monthes. I am going to start slow with just 1 per day and work my way up. Just read on our front page another article about the connection with cfs and hhv-6. Hoping that this is an answer to my prayers. will keep you posted.
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  2. Mikie

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    Please do let us know how you are doing. I just finished 10 days of Famvir and was in remission while on it. I also had a pretty severe Herx Effect while on it. I suspect when my new doc finally gets up to speed on the connection between Herpes-family viruses and CFIDS, he will either run the tests or simply put me on antiviral meds.

    Is the Valtrex expensive? My co-pay for the Famvir was $50 for 20 pills, but the cost without ins. would have been $250. Yikes!

    I hope this treatment helps you.

    Love, Mikie