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    I have worked most of my adult life ( which is quite a few years ) LOL my DR is considering placing me on state disability for a few months .

    My state (California) I believe one can stay on "state disability for up to 6 months?

    My question is this ...I do not have enough credits to even apply for long term "ss" disability, but do you have to have credits to qualify for "state disability"?
    I did try to look it up online and either I have adhd or it is just not easy to understand on the website?

    Thanks for anyone who might be able to help !

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    hope you find your answer
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    I used to live in California ... they have a wonderful disability program. Here is the definition (according the the SDI site)...

    "Disability is defined as any mental or physical illness or injury which prevents you from performing your regular or customary work (California Unemployment Insurance Code, Section 2626). This includes elective surgery; illness or injury resulting from pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions; or inability to work due to a written order of quarantine from a state or local health officer."

    Here is the site I got it from: ""

    click on links to the laft for more info... I think the "DI Benefit Amount" should answer your question as far as if you have enough "credits" Have you worked in California for more than 18 months... earning more than 300 per quarter, you should be able to get benefits. :)

    Note: I moved from California to Idaho before my fibro became "big enough" to affect my work, though, I think I had symptoms for about 6 years prior to moving :(. Idaho has NO disability Insurance **sigh** so have been trying to fight for my SSDI since 2001. I work and work at it then SLAM - I get to the point where it is just too big to handle and drop it. I keep trying to work (as I was a single mom, and now am just a single - (lol - darn kids grow up and move out), so I am forced to work to eat. My point?? Oh yeah... lol... though it may seem big to you right now to go thru the state disability program... do it! and as you approach the end of it, like after 3 or 4 months.... talk to your doctor about getting a SDI claim started. Having a State Disability program is such a blessing!!

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