state dr.s what a joke

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    as they just disapproved my ssi/ssd claim. i have had cfs/fm for 3 years. the thing that really irkes me is the so-called test they give. how can they tell you have this dd by,,,, felling your throat,,,pushing on your belly,,taking a tuning fork to your legs,,,,having you touch your toes,,,and listening to your lungs????? then they send you into the shrink, askes a ton of questions,
    says 12 different words and tells you to remember them, then talk about more things, and asks what were the words. heck i couldn't remember right after he said them. plus he could hardly speak english, and he talked so fast i kept asking him to slow down. he kept asking me why areyou shaking, he has never seen this with fm, i could hardly walk because of my shakey legs. then he has the gall to tell me 4 of his family members have fm/cfs. i can't wait to talk to my lawyer. has anyone else had such a shabby exam??? thanx kim