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    Official Statement from the Whittemore Peterson Institute Regarding UK Study

    The Whittemore Peterson Institute (WPI) has reviewed the paper entitled “Failure to Detect the Novel Retrovirus XMRV in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.” This study did not duplicate the
    rigorous scientific techniques used by WPI, the National Cancer Institute and the Cleveland
    Clinic, therefore it cannot be considered a replication study nor can the results claim to be
    anything other than a failure not just to detect XMRV, but also a failure to suggest meaningful

    The scientific methods used by WPI are very exact and require specific techniques to ensure
    accuracy. Differences in techniques employed by Erlwein et al. not only explain their failure to
    replicate the WPI study, but also render the conclusions meaningless. These differences
    include, but are not limited to the following:

    1) blood sample volumes and processing;
    2) patient criteria/population differences;
    3) number and type of tests done to assure accurate results, including white blood cell
    4) use of a molecular plasmid control in water versus a positive blood sample; and
    5) different primer sequences and amplification protocol used to find the virus, which
    were not validated by a clinical control.

    To see the complete statement, go to
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    Thanks for posting this!

  3. gapsych

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    Sorry Tigerlilea, my brain isnt firing today:( so does this mean they don't know what the heck thier doing??(UK)

    i sure hope stuff like this dosent ruin all the hard work WPI and all the great Dr's have done.

    Im still hoping were onto something.


    LISALOO New Member

    I'm so confused, who did the right testing procedures? How do I know WPI's were right?
  6. fight4acure

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    Bless your heart! Thank God! This will help to clear up some confusion I hope!

    Fight :)
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    I just wanted to say Amen to that! My brain hurt so bad trying to think as to why the study was so far off. Thank God for TigerLilea for posting this, and thank God for the Whittemores!!!! and their research team!!!!

    Fight :)
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    besides the fact that these (UK) tests were developed at a very rapid rate, used different patient cohorts, and different methodology, and are coming from a country that is for the most part very much against finding out the truth about CFS/ME....something else to consider is the motivation behind it all.....don't know what it is in the case of the UK, but not too hard to guess, esp based on comments I saw published in a UK newspaper that were made by the researchers (sounded like they were part of the psych crew and were out to disprove the WPI study from the start - so they started with a bias)....on the other hand we have the WPI motivated by trying to save their daughter (and most definitely not financially motivated, as they put so much of their own money into the whole thing) would do WPI no good to find a false cause or to invent the results of the study - that would not bring them financial gains, nor would it help their daughter......obviously they did find something, so whether the UK failed to find it bc their study was flawed, bc they were looking in the wrong place, or bc for some weird reason XMRV is not in the UK (seems unlikely, but not possible to rule out yet), I don't know, but I totally knew that this would happen (or something like it) from the moment the XMRV discovery was made public (not bc I don't believe in the WPI study, but bc I knew that those against us would go nuts trying to disprove it).......I am trying not to get discouraged by it, bc the question raised by the WPI study are still to be answered adn this study just brings up more questions.....untilt there are more answers, it is too soon to be upset

    that said, I do find that it angers me that so many are so quick to jump rt back on the psych bandwagon without really examining anything (and while ignoring all the pre-XMRV proof that this is a biomedical issue....that stuff has not changed regardless of what happens with XMRV)
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    It's wonderful that WPI responded so quickly and in my opinion, actually shot them down by stating they did the testing wrong.

    The thing is, there are a LOT of people who believe XMRV is totally real...otherwise there wouldn't be so many links on the 'net about it these days. It has literally exploded in the medical news, and I don't remember anything ever doing that before....except for the H1N1 virus. So I don't think we have to worry about it fizzling out or being disproven.........there are simply too many sick people with no answers. And unless someone is trying terribly hard to cover something up, the truth will definitely prevail. We shall have our answers!
  10. fight4acure

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    Amen to that! We have put up with way too much to back down now.
    The good news is,... Quayman posted news about my favorite doctor, Dr. Kerr. He is my only favorite doctor. He's going to do the study, and he will do a really professional job, and will not discount WPI the way that the last group in UK did. He's the best of the best!

    Fight :)

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