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  1. quanked

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    I have wanted to post this for over a month. I just cannot take it anymore!

    My hair is full (and my body for that matter)of static electricity. My hair just moves where ever it wants and likes to move onto my face and in my eyes.

    I use hair conditioner and I have tried spraying Static Guard on it and I am constantly putting water on my hair. None of it works for long.

    Anyone here know of a cure for this hair problem? And yes, I get shocked a lot when I touch metal, my dogs and other people. It gets old very fast.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. victoria

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    at least when it's so dry. Supposedly using a fabric softener sheet run over your hair helps, but I keep forgetting to try it.

    I really hate it. My hair is either dry/fly-away when it's low humidity, or limp in high humidity!